First post of the new year!

GOOD BYE 2012!
2012 is flushed and has gone the way of all the other previous years... poof vanished into thin air never to happen again! OH YEAH and the world didn't end which is pretty GREAT news! 

Currently I am working on an art collection / body of work I am calling 
 'Angie Mason's Weathered Souls
for my upcoming 3 person show this 
April in Brooklyn, NY at MF GALLERY! 

My head has been in this Storm system of thought... pondering this theme and making works for it which will include drawings, paintings and sculptures (which I am very excited for). I just got off the phone with Martina of MF Gallery and was talking about my plans for this show. It's feeling real and I am looking forward to see this Storm System of Weathered Souls move through Brooklyn this April!

Above this is a super rough beginning of one of my Cloud Creatures based off my Storm Damage Character! Very excited to bring these guys to life! 

Speaking of Storm Damage I visited my beloved Jersey Shore pretty recently and was so sad to see the crazy amount of destruction, the whole of the boardwalk and buildings are GONE! I know they are working on rebuilding but all my memories are washed into the sea. It honestly sank my heart into my belly seeing it in person. It's part of growing older living through storms both metaphorical and physical. The past 3 years I have seen some storm damage on both sides real and symbolic and that is a big part of why I am putting my show 'Weathered Souls' together to explore through my characters all these "Storm Systems" we go through in life. 

In other Angie Mason Art Shop news please visit:
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as I updated the artworks section! 

This is just a page from my sketch book... brain spills and doodles of sad life truths. We all go through this I am sure!

OK well this is my first post of the New Year and I hope to be making lots of new posts soon with daily updates of art going on and just life in general. I hope you are all beginning the new year on a good note! I will say so far January has shown me some great things and new opportunities I look forward to a new year ahead filled with great learning all thanks to a new super creative job I am taking on... and of coure here's to a full year of making wonderful art for shows and sharing it all with you! 

The year of the Snake looks to be a good one! 

'Sharp Tongues Poison Minds' ©Angie Mason 2008

2013 is the year of the snake! "The Snake prepares us for shake-ups in old realities that open the way for forward movement, refreshed understanding and growth. As the Snake sheds its skin, we are invited to release old thinking that has blocked growth and progress. This is a year with the energy to inspire newfound ambition to achieve great things." Reflect, Ponder, Plan and Progress! ♥

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