JUST RELEASED! Weathered Souls Totem - LTD ED. Artist Pin Signed and Numbered!

Weathered Souls Totem - LTD. Edition Artist Pin signed and numbered. 

Limited Edition of 100 signed and numbered hard enamel pins. Weathered Souls Totem - 1.5" High by 1" wide Hard enamel with rain blue spot glitter. All signed Angie Mason etched and laser numbered on back side. double pin with rubber holder. Raised Black Nickel plating along with lovely stormy bright colors give this a magical jewel like look. Anything you adorn this with will have 100% chance of looking fabulous.
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The Weathered Souls totem was created with the intention to help guide you along during difficult life storms it represents clarity, emotional balance and creative energy. Weathering the storm keeping in form. Clarity may be found when you feel your vision is clouded, may extra vision help open you up and guide your way through difficult times. PainDrops absorb all of life's sadness and pain helping wash away the grayness of life giving balance and calm after a storm. Electric heart center jolts of creative energy flows freely and brightly keeping a fire and electric center full of passion for life and creation. This weathered souls totem is moving through social systems and is expected to last through life. Heavy at times. <3 p="">


Dirt road heart...

On the edge of Summer's start the foliage is swollen with life and the dusty road calls to me, broken down pot-hole filled swampy back roads, littered with abandoned houses...you always call to me like you're calling me home. Magnetically drawn to these places I get such a deep comforting feeling being in them. Having grown up next to abandoned empty homes back on a dirt road wooded swamp dream, these places feel like a memory they are twisted and weird and have dark corners filled with magic and memory ghosts. A red fox appeared before me looked me in the eyes then turned around and trotted down this road like some kind of spirit guide I felt a tugging in my heart and was compelled to follow him but was running out of time and drove back to the roads of the living but a piece of my heart always lives on those dusty roads. I'll be back.


Hello 2016 feed your dreams! Looking back at 2015!

This is chunk of the work I made in 2015 yes there is more but this is a nice chunk to look back over :D Though I regret not including my goat girl painting which was the first painting of 2015 I did. Ah well its around on my sites! 

I come and go on here these days for the past few years It is just what it is. I collect my thoughts share art and events as they happen but I am certainly sporadic in my entries. I guess I am sorry if you follow this blog. I would say I would try to be better but really I am just living life and decide at whatever moment to collect my thoughts or simply ramble spill nonsense to clear out my brain. So with that said HAPPY 2016! I ended and began my year by seeing lots of friends who are dear to me. It has felt like the kind of start to a new chapter next phase new year that I wanted.  Surrounding my self with positive energy from the people who I care about in this short life was the perfect end and beginning. I hope the year unfolds with more gatherings and fun. It is a cold rainy white out blank nothing day out today that kind of day that gets you down in the middle of winter! No sign of blue skies just this blaring white gray void of frozen dreams. I am in my studio now trying to thaw my brain and get back into some new works I am making I am actually very excited by them just sometimes it takes a bit of mediation on nothing  or writing a blog post that will hopefully clear your brain and all distractions of social media or web apps will fall away and I can refocus and paint paint paint. I find that modern day distractions can send me down a rabbit hole losing out on time and some days it can feel like a waste but sometimes you need to just hibernate and wander the web of our collective consciousness...

At the end of 2015 I had wrote this bit I will share here. Just a little life list of sorts... doesn't include everything just fun quick list I spit out this is what it said:

In 2016 I will turn 43 in May - so here is a life list of 43 things I do or try to do or should do more of! Inspired by Woody Guthries classic 'Dream good' list 
1. Make even more Art
2. Make a plan and stick to it
3. Brush teeth but floss (that's the key)
4. Take naps
5. Shower enough
6. Eat good — fruit — vegetables — milk sure sure but really enjoy everything including but not limited to cookies - cake - cheese and bacon. ;)
7. Daydream often
8. Play a song a day on my ukulele
9. Wear clothes that make me smile
10. Buy more shoes always
11. Throw out old socks
12. Plan trips then take them.
13. Finish all the great books I started
14. Listen to public radio a lot
15. Spend time with friends & family
16. Keep going
17. Don't let depression creep in
18. Stay gold
19. Keep hoping
20. Dream big
21. Work to live not live to work
22. Spend big on those dreams
23. Keep company with growing brains
24. Absorb knowledge
25. Play & sing & laugh & dance & draw & paint some everyday!
26. Listen to music while cooking
27. Peace, love & respect
28. Love a snail
29. Love my cats
30. Hug more
31. Paint, draw, sculpt & write
32. Stay the course
33. Plant things nurture & grow them
34. Go see live music and art shows
35. Share my art: exhibit, art fairs, online
36. Bring ideas to fruition
37. Listen to my brain
38. Trust my gut
39. If I shit my pants metaphorically don't just sit there in it change things.
40. Pay mind to those who feed my soul
41. Break the toxic nightmare bank
42. Go broke over dreams and love it's worth it always. They mostly always make you rich in the end.
43. Dream myself awake

I like making lists ;) here are some more notey notes I wrote just thinking back on my year as well as thinking ahead. 
2015 looking back and thinking ahead....
1. I Went to Hawaii Big Island & Maui and saw incredible beauty and fell even more in love with this planet of ours!
2. I began to learn how to play the ukulele ( playing and singing songs for myself gives me such great joy!). 

3. Had a 3 person Art show in Columbus Ohio at the fabulous Rivet Gallery
My art hanging at Rivet Gallery in Columbus Ohio

4. Did my 1st solo 10x10 booth art fair ( I have done fairs before but not at this size by myself.)

5. Saw a volcano shoot up live lava flow ( Mind expanding incredible experience!)
6. Stayed on a lava field ( Mind expanding incredible experience!) I LOVED my time spent at the Lave Temple near Hilo in the Big Island!
7. Drove the entire road to Hana so much beauty it seems impossible!
8. Saw sunrise at Haleakala felt like Mars! 

9. Had art shows in NYC, Brooklyn, Illinois, Ohio and upstate New York
10. Spent time with old and new friends and family making the year and the holidays super special including an ornament swap with some of my favorite work friends :) (yes I have a day job). also not all pictured here just a few highlights.

11. Visited ground zero 9/11 memorial for first time 

12. Went to new Whitney
13. Swam in the Atlantic Ocean on the beautiful NJ shore

14. Donated $ to my first political campaign feeling the Bern! (Please let Bernie win 2016!)
15. Saw psychocandy tour with my childhood life long best friend Christina last time we saw them together we were 16 years old. Both times were magical! 

16. Saw Bjork live at Kings Theatre gorgeous & sad 

17. Had a natural Boulder waterfall built in my garden. dream come true.Great place to meditate sitting on a rock listening to the water roll along the rocks.
18. Started therapy :)
19. Took road trips to upstate NY, Pennsylvania and New Jersey ( highlights: buttermilk falls, Hudson & Beacon NY, Jim Thorpe PA., Wildwood & Asbury Park NJ).
20. Saw a ton of art and music shows including : Frida, King Dude, Chelsea Wolf, Mark Ryden, etc. 

21. Went to my first NY Toy fair

22. Grew my hair the longest it's ever been still going for it ;) 

23. Spent quality time with mom dad and family
24. Completed several sketchbooks
25. Got my first red car! A red fiat 

To do for 2016:
√ Renew passports!!!

Plan trip to Iceland! ( See sun set at midnight).

Pele Painting - it's big size wise so its on the list ;) .

See more friends and family They make me feel centered happy and whole :D

Plan a party to have friends over ( big bday party in May)

Continue to grow update my Art Shop www.angiemason.com/STORE

Working on secret art project for 2017 show more to come on that as it gets closer :D

Explore some new galleries in various states/countries.

Write more. (Pick up on old projects I had started). Feed them!
Begin art book project - start designing and layout. *self publish vs publisher? Still deciding that one. *
If you are a publisher and happen to read email me lets talk :D 

2016 TABULA RASA! Which means blank slate - and here sits a blank canvas waiting for me ... actually at this moment in time it is no longer blank I greeted the hell out of 2016 jumping straight into my own personal art volcano! It's erupting like crazy over here stay tuned there will be more to come! Follow me on instagram @angiemasonart +Angie Mason  for sneak peaks at progress and life bits at a more regular pace... 


2015 Halloween Update - shows, photos and art

Hello, Hello! Earlier this month I sent out an Art update with a bunch of my fall events and shows going on but I decided to also share that info on my blog as well as having a general check in to say hi! I know I know this blog ebbs and flows trying to pick up the pace again and document my art life on here! I find that modern day app based social media spreads me even thinner than I already am as the sole person who is doing all my art stuff, planning things, making and sharing. It’s as a lot for one person to keep up. I try. I really do. But the important thing in the end is to be making stuff and keep active in this art life I chose. FIRST OFF HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

So I have a sprinkling of art shows and events going on this fall I wanted to share them with you! The biggest one is the  
Art Star Craft Bazaar  - Nov 7&8th  
This event will be held at:
Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum
6825 Norwitch Dr, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19153
This event is special as  I will have my own booth which will have many exclusive Angie Mason made art items for purchase. VISIT ME AT BOOTH #24! I hope to see you at all and any of the below events!  Without further delay scroll down to get all the info on upcoming events! :D $3 Door Fee to enter both the bazaar + the museum
(please note the museum normally charges a $12 admission fee, but for our bazaar you will be able to get in for the discounted rate of $3. This includes admission to the bazaar AND the museum!)

Street Parking (free) or $5 to park all day in the Museum’s Parking Lot
Rain, Snow or Shine!
Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum
6825 Norwitch Dr, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19153

Opening Costume Party: Saturday October 24, 7-10pm
MF Gallery 213 Bond St. Brooklyn, NY 11217
It's that time of year again- the weather is getting cooler, stores are filling up with skulls and pumpkins and there's one thing on everyone's mind: Halloween is coming! After opening night, the gallery will be open by appointment until November 15th, and the artwork can also be viewed and purchased online at:www.MFgallery.net

Opening Reception: October 24th 8-9PM
Runs: One Night Event
Mascoutah, IL – “Beauties of the Night” is an awareness and fundraising exhibition for the Bat World Sanctuary. The Exhibition will feature artworks on postcards from artists all around the world. All postcards will be priced $5-$50, and available to take home right away opening night. All postcards not sold at the opening will be available online the following morning. 100% of Proceeds Donated to the Bat World Sanctuary! We aim to raise awareness and create a special connection with our audience.

Making Paper dolls live at The Jersey Shore MakerFest
Back on Oct 17th I took part in a fun day at
The 2015 Jersey Shore Makerfest  Here are some pictures of me at my table and of course there were robots :D Special thanks to those who invited me (Tiffany :) ) all of your friendly faces who came out and signed up for the my mailing list, purchased art and even interviewed me. It was a fun day for sure!
Special thanks to Lyle my partner in crime in life who helped me with my table allowing me bathroom breaks ;) and kept me company aside from all my robot friends!

Lyle manning the Angie Mason Art Shop table :D While I went on a cookie run! 

Well that is all for now. I will also say I am trying to take in as much of this lovely fall season and hope you are too! The varied colors of the trees and cooling air mixed with the scent of leaves dying just makes my heart and mind smile and appreciate the beauty and cycle of life. I took the idea of fall even further the other day when I had a bit of a tumble scraped up my leg and bruised my back on a heating pad now but still managed to laugh about it and take a photo of course to remember that goofy moment of getting covered in dead leaves and dirt.
Clumsy for life!