"GIRLS of the Underground" An all-female art show in honor of International Women's Day March 7th, 2015

'The Stars Eat Her Body' 2015 Acrylic on Canvas available through MF Gallery

"GIRLS of the Underground"
 all-female art show in honor of International Women's Day
MF Gallery: 213 Bond St. Brooklyn, NY 11217 info@MFgallery.net (917)446-8681
Opening Party: Saturday March 7th, 7-10pm

On the eve of International Women's Day 2015, MF Gallery will be hosting a special all-female art show called "GIRLS of the Underground". Over three dozen women will be showing their art; including paintings, drawings and sculptures in the Underground Pop genre.

The exhibiting artists will be: Nicoz Balboa, Sunny Buick, DK Burger, Shannon Daugherty, Erica Doll, Miss Elvia, Jamie Fales, Kristen Ferrell, Rudy Fig, Kirsten Flaherty, Christina Graf, Cecilia Granata, Emma Griffiths, Kathleen Hayes, Annie Hunter, Aya Kakeda, Christine Kucinskis, Sigal Arad Inbar, Tina Lugo, Sara A. Martin, Angie Mason, Tara McPherson, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Joanna Mulder, Misato Nagare, Alessandra Norman, Johannah O'Donnell, Phresha, Arabella Proffer, Veronika Rabinovich, Monica Roache, Martina Secondo Russo, Chantal Smith, Cinnamon Willis, Mirmy Winn, O_O & many more T.B.A.

Many of the artists will be in attendance at the Opening Party, on Saturday March 7th from 7 to 10 pm. Admission is free and open to all ages. MF Gallery is located at 213 Bond Street in Brooklyn, New York. Take the F or G train to Bergen St., the A or C to Hoyt/ Schermerhorn, or the R to Union.
For more information, to request images, or for press inquiries, contact Martina Secondo Russo at: info@MFgallery.net or: 917-446-8681.


Art available at Dream in Plastic... for The Key To Her Heart Was A Knife Group Show

New art available at Dream In Plastic 
'La Clave de su Corazon era un Cuchillo'

Original art by Angie Mason 

Mixed media Mounted Paper Doll Giclee printed parts on archival arches paper and hand painted details hand cut articulated doll with metal brads. Framed


I see you. Just a random arty post.

 Paper Doll Army :) partial line up ;) 

It's been so cold here it's all cozy toes food like home made stew, hot latte/Catachino's, of course cats and making as much art as I can with some occasional trips to see fun art museum gallery shows. Oh and I  have to say GO SEE TINY GIANTS in 3D at a natural history museum near you. It's so magical touching and beautifully filmed it will certainly make your eyes and hearts swell with wonder oh god that Scorpion Mouse when he howls!!!!


Next up is an anti valentine art show for all you sweet hearts...

The Show will be at Dream in Plastic in Beacon, New York opening on Feb. 14th, 2015!
I hope to see you there! Beacon is a great upstate NY city to visit and make the day and night of it!

Spend your Valentine's Day with us and enjoy this incredible group show curated by Ryan Myers and Jel Ena with over 30 artists!

Featuring artwork from: 
Adam Oehlers, Angie Mason, Anita Inverarity, Brittany Hanks, Candace McKay, Fang Ling Lee, Heather Rose, Jason May, Jel Ena, Jinx in the Sky, Julie Filipenko, Kim Turner, Lea Barozzi, Leilani Joy, Lesley D McKenzie, Megan Buccere, Michael Mararian, Noosed Kitty, Olivia Rose, Peemonster, Raul Guerra, Ryan Myers, Ryan O’Rourke, Scot Howden, Scott Reeves, Stephanie Allison, Tammy Mae Moon, Tanya Bond and Terra Bidlespacher.

Here are some sneak peeks at my piece which I will unveil the week of the show....

More to come!

In the mean time I forgot to say Happy new year on my blog so....

More news to come on additional upcoming shows for the east coast in March and May! Stay tuned!
And coming to a close is the magical I Am Doll Parts show a 3 person art show at Rivet Gallery in Ohio. The show is up until Jan. 31,2015 so get your buts over there quick... art will from that show will be available through rivet after the show ends for a while so visit online and order away :D XOXO

Ok back to doing a million things over here... more updates soon I promise!


Art Show Alert! Opening January 3rd I Am Doll Parts - A 3 Person Paper Doll Show

January 3rd - 31st
I Am Doll Parts:
Angie Mason + Crankbunny + Mab Graves
Exhibition featuring the elaborate paper doll artistry of Angie Mason, Crankbunny and Mab Graves.
3 Person Paper Art Doll Exhibition - Opening January 3rd, 7-10pm


Upcoming Halloween Art Show at MF Gallery!


Opening / Halloween Costume Party: Saturday October 25th, 7-10pm
MF Gallery: 213 Bond St. Brooklyn, NY 11217 
info@MFgallery.net   |   (917)446-8681

On Saturday October 25th, MF Gallery will be throwing a Halloween Costume Party to celebrate the opening of a new art show... This will be MF Gallery's 12th Annual Halloween Art Show and will feature over a dozen international artists who love this holiday and are excited to share some Halloween spirit through their art.

MF Gallery fans have come to rely on this annual show for the very best in Halloween art, and the artists who attend the Opening Party always try to outdo each other with outlandish and extravagant hand made costumes.

This year's show will include Halloween Art by: Byron Basett, Ken Carrano, Mickey Creeps, Mike Cruz, GooN (a.k.a. Dave Burke), Curt Harbits, Rosalind Ivens, Moses Jaen, Don Lee Ferguson, Enrico Macchiavello, Drew Maillard, Greg Maillard, Angie Mason, Johannah O’Donnell, Sara Ray, Frank Russo, Martina Secondo Russo, Chad Savage, Bob Scott, Lawrence Van Abbema, “Crazy” Glenn Wernig and many others...

Costumes are greatly encouraged at the Opening Party, on Saturday October 25th, from 7 to 10pm. There will be beer, candy and horror movie projections throughout the evening. Admission is free and open to all ages.
MF Gallery is located at 213 Bond Street in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, NY. Take the F or G train to Bergen. The A or C to Hoyt/ Scermehorn, or the R to Union. After opening night, the show will be open by appointment only. The art can also be viewed and purchased online athttp://mfgallery.net/H12/H12.html

Contact Martina Secondo Russo (at 917-446-8681 or info@MFgallery.net) for appointments to see the show, for more information, or for press inquiries.

See you there! xoxo! 


It slips through fingers & air time went by & I didn't care... Part ONE!

So here I am again with several months off from my blog and now with summer behind me, being absent on my blog was not intentional. I just get so full of life it distracts me, takes me away from the things I used to do but hey, it happens and well we should all be happy it does rather than being glued to our glowing boxes burning our eyes out. ;) We all try to balance the best we can but sometimes you just trip and fall and your face goes off the map. Then you have to gain momentum again to do those things you once did... except now on top of it all you have new jobs, new shows, new paintings, new family members, new sicknesses, new tricks, life is full of new tricks at every turn!

AHHHhhh and Now for another distraction, it's yet another social media site. Ello is that you? Find me there @angiemasonart even though I feel so disjointed and spread thin as it is online, but I still decided to join and how to handle that in regards to 'ello for now I will sporadically post animated gifs of me making art or my art animated. PERIOD! So many fads and trends around... in the end we all want to connect,we find each other and the newness of finding each other is a great part of the novelty I suppose. Like when you are a kid and you make friends in school for the first time it can be magical and scary and over all wonderful. It always starts off new and fun like that and I guess that too is part of the charm and pull that sucks me in. Fresh starts everyone wants them and lucky for us we get them every few years via some social media site. This post is not going to be all about social media I am done going on about that... I REALLY am blogging because I wanted to share a few neat things I have done over my "summer vacation" from my blog. ^___^ Random roadtrips, finds artworks you know life crumbs! THIS IS PART ONE OF TWO! 

Looking back in order of events roughly.... well FIRST OF ALL my Botanicuties show was fantastic thank you all for coming and a huge thank you to Martina and Frank of MF Gallery! I love those 2 they are part of my art family ^_^ 

Speaking of Botanicuties in late Spring we welcomed my new Niece in to this world with SMILES!

July was pretty much was filled with friends, nature, and delicious food :) oh and I did an art event in Philly with the wonderful people from ArtStar Gallery who I also love and adore! Prepare for a photo heavy post! :)
my table :) 

Harbor Park view from our room :) 
Harbor Park at night is magical and so filled with life! What a great new park Philly has made! 
Harbor Park, Philly 

2 amazing people I adore! Megan and Cisco of Art Star! 

Me and my set up for the day :) 
I realize I have a lot of catching up to do talking about the take away moments from this summers past. Too many to mention really or too personal to bother to post online, for me anyway ;) but I think I will post a bit more of photos and then call it a night. To be continued!  I am back on the blog horse I will do a Part TWO within this next week so look for it!

I took lots of road trips this Summer many to Upstate NY! I Love New York! For reals it's so full of nooks and crannies pockets of wonder over flowing in to the majestic Hudson River! Hudson New York, Carmel NY, Montauk NY, Beacon, Storm King, etc etc etc. Places like Wings Castle! WOW!
Or the Buddhist Temple in Carmel is a must see! More on that in part TWO!

But for the rest of this post it was all Friends, Food and Cats! Party!
A couple of slobs in love looking up at the stars ;)  XOXO.
In my garden! 
Being near the ocean makes me super happy and spazzy! 
My blueberry bush in my garden :D
Hiking is best with friends! 
A smile rock in the forest :) named Ralph Boulderson  
beach daze with Martina Joey and Frank!

WONDERFULLY refreshing homemade Strawberry Lemonade with basil! SOO DIVINE!  Thank you Sarah F. for the suggestion! Its so easy to make Fresh juiced lemons crushed strawberries and Basil that has been steeped in hot water then mixed with some sugar if chosen and ice mix all together and chill! :) 

Yummy Bits from my garden making a flavor filled sauce that was used in a rustica potato dinner that tasted like joy! 
looking at you looking at me looking at you...
Being moody on the beach ;) wearing my bloodmilk necklace (birthday present to me)
 mean mugging goth sunning for the camera
a hibiscus beauty from my garden! 
Took time to freshen up things in my studio! Both me and my cats love it! :D
*New rug from Target fits perfect in the studio.
I grew a variety of peppers in my garden this year here are a few I harvested one night :) 
Spending a lovely summer day at the Highline in NYC
at the Highline in NYC
Dipping toes at the Highline in NYC I LOVE the water sidewalk section it just makes
you happy splashing your feet in the water small simple pleasures! 
view from NYC if you can believe it! 
I taught my cat more tricks :) to make me giggle!

Ok so that is it for this brainspill image dump :) more to come! AND I will also share some upcoming shows for this Fall and Winter 2014 and 2015 shows! I have some exciting news is going to be shared!