Official News Posting On UPcoming shows and projects....

MF Gallery Halloween Group ShowFall into a pile of shows Kicking the season off right with a Halloween Group Show this September at a MF Gallery in New York City opening September 16th... and the show will run through Halloween October 31st,2006. MF Gallery is located at 157 Rivington Street New York City...There will be a body painting performance during the opening which I will be participating in. Hope to see you there.

Next up opening September 23rd at M Modern Gallery out in Palm Springs,Ca. present Women With Issues a group show inspired by the classic movie Valley Of The Dolls.

October is like a candy bag brimming with sweet shows....Online be sure to not to miss viewing Blah Blah Gallery's Halloween Group Monster Show

ToyRoom GallerySacremento,CA. presents: Everything Nice Group Show (All Girl Group Show, WITCH IS PURRFECT FOR OCTOBER) OPENS OCTOBER 20th / 21 st The Show will Run till November 11th,2006 and then travel to another Gallery more info TBA. Artists in this show are:Angie Mason,Lola, Jasmine Worth, Lisa Scollan, Alice Stribling, Kim Scott, Stephanie Skalisky, Nouar, Sunny Buick, Lesley Reppeteaux , Kerry Kate, Sandra Frayme, Megan Elizabeth Ford, Shaunna Peterson, Gale Hart, Moira Hahn, Jessi Dore Lawson, Bonnie Da Rocha, Candy Frost.

Space Gallery Presents Sick&Loaded Live Human Group ShowIn San Francisco at Space Gallery check out some of Strychnin Gallery's Artist in this special group show
October 21 2006 at Space Gallery Polk Street San Francisco,CA. -Sick and Loaded Group Show Gelaskinz Show.MF Gallery Halloween Group Show

On the West Coast in Los Angeles Opening Friday The 13th of October at 7pm Thinkspace Gallery presents: Subterfuge a three person show with a group show within curated by Kevin Peterson.

This October in New York City Strychnin Gallery presents:
Strychnin Gallery is having its grand opening Halloween Group Show which includes the newest additions, as well as introduce you to their established members, with a group showcase for their 2007/2008 artists.Opening October 27th 2006.For more information on this show, or other events from the Strychnin Gallery, please contact: Yasha Young or visit www.strychnin.com
I have been lucky enough to get to see the gallery during its construction phase and I can say this gallery is going to be amazing when it opens its' doors it will blow NYC's Mind for sure and I can't wait for that to happen. ^____^

Severed Thumb Chum Ornaments at ArtStar This NovemberFrom Falling Leaves to Falling Snow.... the Holiday Runs Full steam ahead smashing a bunch of art in your face... you know you love it... ArtStar Gallery presents: Their Annual Holiday Group Show Featuring handmade ornaments and cards by over 30 artists November 25th - December 31st, Opening Reception: November 25th, 5-9 pmArtStar Gallery Is located at 1030 N.2nd Street, Unit 301 Philadelphia,PA 19123 also check out there website for more show details.

Feinkunst Gallery in Hamburg Germany presents: The Group show Don't Wake Daddy curated by Heiko This Show will open on December 2nd.2006

Operation: Fragmentation is a group art exhibition being showcased in Columbus, Ohio. The show combines an authentic military item and a designer military toy. Given a single 9" rotocast vinyl Nade figure paired with a 7.62 NATO ammo case, artists from around the globe will present their customized creations. Some Artists included are:Aidan Hughes (BRUTE!), Angie Mason, Annie Owens, Colin Christian, Dave Burke, Doktor A, Grant Fuhst, Jim Koch, Kathie Olivas, Mark Nagata, Mat Eaton (AZK), Michelle Steele, Mike Maas, Naoto Hattori, StoneTyson, McAdoo, VanBeater & Ferg,with more to come...SHOW DATES AND GALLERY LOCATION TBA.

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