Lowbrow Tarot Project - The Sun Card

Exhibition, Book and Card Deck

OCT 1 - 31, 2010
"There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana, each showing some aspect of the human experience. The cards of the Major Arcana are focused on three themes: the realm of the material world, the realm of the intuitive mind, and the realm of change."

The Lowbrow Tarot Project will showcase 23 amazing artists who will use their creative genius and unique style to take on the 22 Major Arcana [+ the card back] and create 23 new works of art in the rugged glow of the lowbrow art movement to be displayed in an exhibition at La Luz de Jesus on October 1, 2010, along with a hard cover tabletop book and full color tarot card deck to come.
Featuring 23 new and original works by renowned and accomplished artists Carrie Ann Baade, Christopher Ulrich, Edith Lebeau, Cate Rangel, Kris Kuksi, Chris Mars, Christopher Umana, Chris Conn, Brian M. Viveros, Claudia Drake, Heather Watts, Molly Crabapple, David Stoupakis, Laurie Lipton, Patrick “Star 27” Deignan, Chet Zar, Jessica Joslin, Danni Shinya Luo, Jennybird Alcantara, Angie Mason, Scott G. Brooks, Aunia Kahn and Daniel Martin Diaz. SEE FULL ART PREVIEW ONLINE

 A behind the scenes docu-mini on the making of the sun card:

"The Tarot like life is so full of chance and it is very fitting how I came to find myself with The Sun card or more like the sun card found me through a series of events but it has turned out to be the card I needed to take on. I feel very fortunate being a part of this project since I was young the tarot always held a place of mystery and fascination. I believe the tarot can simply aid one in sorting out life issues suggesting themes we all struggle with by highlighting them through a reading. The Tarot is not mere magic to me, it's more of way to meditate and focus in on certain aspects of your life unlocking something within yourself bringing greater attention toward solving and moving past issues. Having the sun card find me was a form of enlightenment opening me up to realizations about life and people through acceptance of situations. It helped me meditate on expanding outward a brilliance of self assured happiness discovering one's own voice. I found a personal power within myself during a transitory time breaking free from certain personal walls that were holding me back which caused me to find that greater self assurance and optimism about my future. My personal journey was extremely cathartic using this card to really symbolize all that I was dealing with. This card was really about focusing in on positivity and exploding negativity outward away from ones center and letting positive rays of light shine down opening one up for new growth. By remaining open one moves past negative situations allowing oneself to embrace the joyful energy and opportunities life has to offer." – Angie Mason

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Thanx a lot 4 these nice magical pics! And here is my own "lowbrow": youtu.be/3lHSL5TNU9U