Summer residue and memory hues...

The fullest warmest of seasons is winding down with cooler nights and stronger breezes blowing in yet those August sunsets still stun me with hot orange, pinks and purple hues that heat up my memories. So with this winding down of summer it leaves a nostalgic residue on my mind. 

The last moments of swimming and running free before having to go back to school the end of bright long days. It’s time to gear up for the hibernation seasons.

But before then the lush gardens bloom their last blooms so intensely full and swollen the trees and bushes spill onto each other. The humid hot air swirls around with the hot buzz of summertime bugs song.

There is an excitement and anxiety that builds come mid August of having to start that first day of school. Choosing your outfit getting your supplies ready it consumed my end of summer days as a child. For myself that feeling intensified and I grew more anxious as I moved around to new schools after my parents divorced when I was 11. So not knowing anyone really made for awkward first days and often times lonely. 

I sit pondering, reflecting on summer and that feeling of swollen overgrowth of foliage mixed with memories of past summers, rich colors, playfulness, that slow movement of hot humid day dreams creeping across a bright green freshly watered lawn.
That final moment of being full of life before the slow death creeps in and the garden blooms wilt and fall away with Autumns grip. 

Summer is the last hurrah summer is the final youth before age sets in. Summer energy is a white hot heat surging through the streets making you sweat with an anticipation of it’s end. Summer is always on the verge of being over. As the season starts it it also ends. There is always a feeling of not enough time to get it all in. 

Summer is the hyped up season that often times disappoints many with not being fun enough or long enough. Summer gets a bum deal, summer is put on a pedestal and set up for failure. Summer time swizzle swirls with fireflies, cool drinks and ocean waves crash with the distant scream of joy from carnival rides going dizzy into the night. Summer sings a sirens song luring us all in, to drown us in longing for more fun better times and then it’s over in a flash of the camera and a blink of an eye. Keep in touch over the summer but you never did and summer is closing and fall is settling in.  

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