Food monsters and delivering art all while clowning around....

So it was like ThanksGiving and this food monster showed up on my plate with a baaaddd attitude so I showed him what's what and put him in my gut! With the food monster taken care of I had all this energy to go and deliver some artwork! 
So I drove myself and a car full of art down to the town of Asbury Park which is the new
home of S.I.C.A where I was bringing my art to hang out at for a of couple months.
Doug who runs S.I.C.A. was there to greet me with a big smile and hug and showed
me around the awesome new space! Which is opening up with the new show "The Sum of Their Parts" this Saturday December 3rd 6 - 9pm! 
WOW! Look at that amazing space! It's still getting set up but it looking quite lovely! 
I brought in my pieces for the show and set them down....

See I wasn't lying... here they are all set down! 

Doug looking at the work and the work looking at Doug ^__^ 
So after visiting S.I.C.A., I went and clowned around the town a bit! 
Stopping by to say hi to my friends over at Parlor Gallery just down the street....
I ended my visit as I often like to by visiting the ocean and boardwalk!

It was  a clear crisp night yet mild for November... the stars shone bright! 

Asbury Park has so many wonderful magical spots...I love it here.

Looks like Shepard Fairey likes Asbury Park too. 

A run down beauty I can't get enough of.  See you Saturday at the show! 

SICA, The Shore Institute of the Contemporary Arts
610 Cookman Ave. (607 Lake Ave.) Long Branch, NJ 07712
732-483-4641, info@sica.org

Contact: Douglas Ferrari

Art History is full of composite creatures - the Chimera, the Sphinx, the Griffins, Pan, the Minotaur, the Mermaid, Pegasus, Medusa, the Satyr, the Centaur, -- the list goes on and on. The idea of these creatures from mythology and fantasy has rapidly become more plausible with advancements in genetic engineering. This show investigates how artists today interpret and address the idea of creatures that are the sum of some quite different parts.

The artists whose work will be included in this show are:

Jean Pierre Arboleda • Kate Clark • Katie Hoffman • Angie Mason 

Inna Rasumova  Jack Thompson • Kelly Vetter

This will be our inaugural exhibition in our new Asbury Park location. This show and the reception are free and open to the public. This show is made possible in part by funds from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts, our members, and by the contributions of individuals like yourself. SICA is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to establish a uniquely stimulating and creative environment in which to experience the contemporary arts. The primary goal of the center is to increase the general public’s accessibility, awareness and appreciation of the contemporary arts in central New Jersey. For more information on SICA, visitwww.sica.org.

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