Black Velvet, Tea cups and poison.....

So I have been a busy little worker bee... flying around all over from project to project these days. Compartmentalizing really helps me when I have a ton of stuff I need to get done in life.
I have not only life stuff I am dealing with but multiple art shows and an upcoming art fair to get ready for.  Here is a post about my progress on the work I am making for the upcoming show The Velvet Underground which will open March 8th at Sacred Gallery NYC! I hope to see you there. It's a Thursday which I know can be tricky for many but it would be great to see your face :)

Let's start the photo fun time with some random fun. Here is what my medicine cabinet looks like.... ;)

Yes this is really my bathroom medicine cabinet.
Recently I began making hand painted Angie Mason ArtWares! Expect more! This one shipped out to it's happy new owner the other day! 
OK So onto The process of making art.... it always starts with rough sketched ideas.

Then I begin prepping the final surface by mounting the velvet material to the wood board surface.

Then I am sure to use my lint roller to pick up my assistant Nervil's hair! He's a hairy beast! 

YAY and here they are, my 2 surfaces ready to get going with the image making part! 

 Here is a progress shot in the middle of making this piece below  'Owner of a Lonely Heart' inspired by the YES song from the 80s. 

 Here why not listen to the song! :D

OK so my second piece I made was "The Trees" inspired by the Rush song....  find the video under this image to hear that awesome song! I am not really a huge Rush fan but LOVE this song so I had to make one of my pieces based on it. Wow look at me being all prog rock huh. HAH. So speaking of music I am SO HAPPY to just get tickets to see Codeine play this June! Slow/SadCore show here I come! Ok focus back to blog at hand.... Art progress.

And here we have both pieces on my art table... final images coming soon just finishing up some final  touches on them and I will post soon. These pieces will be for sale through Sacred Gallery in NYC visit http://sacredgallerynyc.com/ for more info and here is the show info for you: 

"Velvet" Underground at:
Sacred Gallery NYC
Thursday, March 8th 2012 8-11pm
424 Broadway 2nd Floor