Books, Shows and new art all coming soon!

There are some things going on over here that I wanted to share and put on your radar :) First I want to mention the fantastic Lowbrow Tarot Project that I am a part of is set to release an amazing art book and tarot deck sold together or individually perfect for collectors later this year! The art book should prove to be mind blowing for sure as it's been extended to include a bunch of artwork and info on each of the 23 artists involved in the book! GET EXCITED! 

Spending a lot of time making new art and other hand crafted goodies for upcoming art shows AND the Art*Star Craft Bazaar this MAY 12th & 13th in PHILLY,PA.! I will post booth info and exact details once I have them but below are some sneaky peaks at what you will find at my booth... New hand carved,hand burned/painted wood Bruised Heart Beauty pendants! I make all this stuff by hand so all will be in VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES!  I will only sell this at the festival May 12&13th not before then! So come on down and get tons of new goodness I am making for you there!

ALSO in the works in the middle of my process I am making MINI PETITE FOURS SCULPTURE Magnets which will be hand painted and sweet treats for your eyes! 

All the MINI PETITE FOURS SCULPTURE Magnets fresh out the oven! 


 Coming this fall I will be taking part in this fantastic Group Show Moon Goddess. Visit the official website to get more information about where the exhibition will be held and all other goodness.

Guess what I am going to have a bunch of my poems published in this awesome book which all proceeds will go to The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention Coming December 4th,2012! YAY! And to celebrate here is a little poem crumb for you all.

am a hidden Poem
I am a hidden poem
all wrapped and glued up shut
I am hidden poem password protected till the end
I am a hidden poem scrawled on a napkin stain
I am a hidden poem no one knows my pain
I am a hidden poem in pages notes somewhere
I am a hidden poem just behind your hair
I am a hidden poem through branches late at night
I am a hidden poem you found to be so right.
–  Angie Mason

SO that is it for now BUT hold the phone this little lady might just have ONE MORE GIGANTIC news to  share but that is for another blog! KEEP Watching things are ABOUT to get really CRAZY! XOXO

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