Gonna ride that Cyclone of Vision Twists.

I am a cyclone of vision spit 
waiting to spill onto a blank surface. 
The days are stormy with heavy belly ships 
sinking down deep 
Dragging me down 
to the depths of seeping blue days.
With breath so thick 
it can drown a man. 
Sobbing ship wreck 
crashing on your shore. 
Inner storm systems swirl inside
forming the visions. 
They are seeping out of me 
onto the brushes and canvas 
forming heavy rotation 
of blending and shapes. 
Vision twists are looming 
on the brink of a break down 
they fall onto papers at an unstoppable rate 
raising heart rates, shaking hands, sweating brows. 
Riding that cyclone spinning my visions 
round and round to find solid ground. 
They are coming more and more 
my mind wrecked and wreaking havoc on your eyes. 
They are coming, they are forming, 
they are growing in numbers 
day by day. 
My visions are taking over me 
they consume and fill my space 
and I am part of their world 
I absorb you
my world becomes your world. 
I am taking over 
it's a take over that is infiltrating your space 
your time
I am coming
they are coming 
we are not going to stop. 
The visions will take you. 
And everything will be all right. 
XOXO Angie 

Blending in.

What brings me peace at the end of the day.

Painter girl with the club thumb.

Drawing meets the newly born painting. They make a nice pair of siblings

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