How does your garden grow?

It's no secret I love gardens,nature and being a part of it appreciating all the stages of growth through out the seasons. I often like to reflect on the plants and see myself or others in them meditating on life through them. I also like to grow some tasty treats and drop dead gorgeous beauties. Here are some from my garden this year so far.
Spring Garden 2011
They keep my mind centered when I feel off. When life is feeling dry and empty I plant some seeds and water the soil watching them grow and know that I have to tend to things in order to see results.
Bleeding Hearts Gang
The energy I put into the growth of my garden and my life garden will show in what I get as returns. You water,fertilize, prune and pull weeds you yield a richer lusher bounty. I think this can be applied to many parts of life. What you put into something often mirrors what you get back. Smile and be smiled upon.
Spring Garden 2011
Sometimes though the seasons have bad weather you can't plan or predict the future though wouldn't that be nice if we could control that but then life I imagine would be pretty boring.  So yes it some times can seem to knock you down pretty bad.
I have felt battered on certain rough weathered days but always know to step back and keep on continuing to tend and maintain growth. Knowing that life is full of movement this is great because if things are bad they can't always be bad. If you work toward making things better you gain momentum and start seeing things peek through the dirt. All your hard work did pay off. I love this about gardens and growing things. It's that wonderful process of gratification not instant but full of labor and love which I think has a deeper lasting effect of joy.
New growth ALWAYS happens you can't avoid it change is going to happen whether you want it to or not it's part of the movement of life. We have our seasons just like plants we have cycles and stages and blooms and blossoms as well as loss as the leaves shed dead leaves in autumn.
Spring Garden 2011

A point I guess I want to remind myself and others is that there is always room for new growth no matter how long or short you have been around. Life is a movement which is change which means growth is inevitable!
However the more you tend the greater a bounty you can harvest for yourself. Embrace the growth and love the change. Sometimes life has some painful things happen shifts we may not enjoy but I have to keep believing and remaining open to new things in life like people, opportunities they are there all around I just have to allow and accept them into my life.
We can all have petals wilt and lose things that mean a great deal to us but if you keep watering yourself so to speak I think new petals emerge and the old memories of lost days become distant and don't hurt so much. It's time to blossom up magic that's how my garden grows.  XOXO ^__^

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