Creation Hibernation and waking up

It's been a rough past couple of years. A struggle but through all my hardships I face in life I always take solace in the creation of stuff...be it sketching, painting, writing,photography and on and on. As long as I challenge my self and keep making stuff I seem to be O.K. even when maybe others would not be. But I am feeling that through creation things open up. I also believe we all need to have those hibernation periods where maybe the world thinks you are not being as productive as you normally are but all the while you have things brewing under the surface percolating, new ideas are forming solid visions. It is after all a process. I allow for this supposed down time to take place because really in the end it takes me where I need to be.
She's a rotten to the core apple beauty bug... flying around in my sketchbook
I also believe if I am or anyone is constantly producing honest work that eventually doors open when others have shut. I am feeling like some doors are opening again after awhile of being left out in the cold so to speak. There you have some scramble ramble words to fill your minds belly.... but better than these words are pictures here is a bunch of images of I shot from toys in my studio to my silly painted nails that change weekly to some sketches from my archive of sketchbooks...  
This weeks silly nails which will soon be all be peeled away... I have this thing about peeling off the paint in sheets it's kind of meditative when I get an entire painted nail off in one peel. T.M.I. ;)
Oh and in art show news I will be taking part in a HUGE group show TINY TRIFECTA at The Cotton Candy Machine - Tara McPherson's new art shop and gallery in Brooklyn NY. It opens in April 9th and I look very forward to seeing you at the show! See the show flyer at the bottom of this post... *I am not listed on the flyer sadly, but I am part of the many more!
I hope you enjoy the vision dump. And with that said images come then words come... I'm either making visuals or I'm getting textual. I am feeling the words stirring up in me again. I suppose it's time to open up ye old book project and write some more layers to the story. ^___^ More on that story another time! 
Toys that live in my studio
Toys that live in my studio
Toys that live in my studio - Don't believe a word this guys says EVER! ;)
A hot cup of fun hangs out in the pages of one of my old notebooks
Toys that live in my studio
I love the colors and textures going on in the sketchbook page... their faces, they are my friends!
In my sketchbook... the simplicity of this watercolor sketch catches my eye.
An Angie Mason Sketchbook from my Art'chive library!
I will have work in this show with like 100 other artists it should be really super fun!

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