Entangled Again and a Jerk in the Box...

This post is mostly about drawing as I have been drawing a lot these days... here are some new ones for you to see :)  First up I revisited a painting of mine called 'Entanglement' which was from my 2008 Murky Menagerie collection. This one is is called 'Entangled Again' She's been in my thoughts and I in her's as we are one.
'Entangled Again' ©Angie Mason 2011 Mixed media
Here is a shot so you can see the 18KT Gold paint used :) It's very pretty!

'Always the Fool (Jerk in the Box)' ©2011 Angie Mason Mixed media
See this Drawing get made ^___^  

In other news I have some art shows coming up as follows:

March : Last Rites Gallery: NYC - Song of the Sirens Group Show. Opens March 26th

April : Cotton Candy Machine: Brooklyn,NY - Tiny Trifecta Group Show. Opens April 9th

April/May: Pop Gallery: Santa Fe,New Mexico - Sugar Coated Strange Group Show. Opens April 29th

Summer : Copro Nason Gallery: California Group Show curated by Genevive Zacconi & Ewelina Ferruso This show coincides with the Artist/Curators Solo Shows more details soon.

July : Alternative Cafe Gallery: Monterey, California Group Show Opens July 8th

A box full of sharpened joy!
The simple pleasures I encounter... today it was opening a box of old colored pencils and find that they are all sharpened and perfect ready for me to go!
A box full of sharpened joy!
A box full of sharpened joy! :)

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