Red Moons, Swirling Tides and Snappy Bits!

That bright tiny dot was the lunar eclipse which you really can't tell by this photo. 12.21.2010 3:15 am EST
Last night a very special winter solstice happened it coincided with a lunar eclipse. The last time this happened was about 400 years ago. Lunar eclipses are a pretty common occurrence but what made this special was it falling on the winter solstice! It was quite lovely in the cold frigid night, so clear, so right. My blood was racing, pulsing, rushing through me with excitement as the moon turned blood red. And talk about the stars too amazing clear viewing last night.
I could not find my camera lens that has a crazy zoom so I took this shot that well it's pretty but you can't really see how red the moon was and just intense in the sky. So to really illustrate that intensity check out this fantastic time lapse I came across of last nights show!

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse from William Castleman on Vimeo.
I really just love the world in the middle of night 2-4am So incredibly peaceful! time and space feel so vast in those quiet still moments. All in all it was a lovely way to end this year and quite a gift from nature and the universe.

This holiday season has so far been a really right on, totally up my alley kind of holiday. I am not religious so it's never been about following a religion personally for me it's all about quality time with loved ones! No consumerism no politics just love and friendship and of course yummy food. So this holiday season be sure to give extra hugs, share more love, make time for family & friends & show kindness to strangers. Let's celebrate our lives through our appreciation for eachother. Tell someone you know how awesome they are,help someone, listen to someone give the real gift of love. This is what really matters always. The rest is all b.s. 
Available Snappy Bits by Angie Mason ©2010
Speaking of love... I really love all the people who support and follow along with me on my visual path. So with knowing this and knowing that many have very restricted budgets I decided to begin a fun new feature on my facebook page called Snappy Bits. What is a Snappy Bit you ask? Well they are original small works that will be posted on the Angie Mason FB page Snappy Bits Album as a random surprise that will pop up from time to time!I have about 5 up right now! All priced under $100 included shipping and handling. Most are under $50! If you want  a piece just email me and I will direct you to paypal where you can send the flat quoted payment to and then I send you a sweet Snappy Bit in the mail :) *All art prices quoted here includes S&H (*unless order is international then we will figure out shipping costs via email) message me at angie@angiemason.com Subject: Snappy Bits :)
Some Snappy Bits and other art in my studio :)

 Other life thoughts bring me to the idea of the constant changing tides that life always brings.
I am approaching a new chapter I feel this one coming to it's end I am hopeful and scared but I sense major change on the horizon. Life is often times, so much like being in the ocean the way we get tossed around. The riptides can pull you under and the pull of tides push you closer to some and further from others.Life is so very much like being in the swirling tides of the ocean with people we know,knew and have yet to meet. We separate from each other and cling to others we float sink and rise up again until we each drown and it's over. But till then its ebb and flow a non stop go go go. My days of sinking are nearing their depths I am in an upward tide ready to float and glide on some waves of time. There are still some pages left to be written in this chapter before I turn the page but my gut is feeling pretty good about somethings. I am saddened about the tides that shifted other life elements away from my center but time is the great healer of wounds and soon missing things won't be so vivid anymore they fade into the gray mystery of the oceans walls and become our memories. But it has to be that way life and being alive means constant change we can not stay stagnant this is no puddle, no puddle at all, my life is an ocean and now it's my time for oceans rise.

I think about the future span that life can be possibly be if I am lucky to live a typical life span of 70 or 80 years more if I am lucky. Thinking about the big picture I'm excited & look forward to the future years of creating & will do my best to live as long as I possibly can because really I've only just begun to unleash my visions upon you all. Prepare for the great vision flood. It's nearing are you prepared? Happy Healthy New Year if I don't post before 2011! See More, Hear More, Feel More, Live More, Love More, Be More in 2011 simply because You Can!

Sweetest Dreams,
Angie XOXO

p.s. Remember kids When you feel like cardboard and smell like rot it's time to change this life you've got. ^___^


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