Science Friday! A Scienterrific Milk Experiment ^___^

Hey Guys,

So tonight I took a break from making art and working to do a very scientific experiment in my kitchen ;) I was just having some fun doing a really neat and easy experiment with food coloring, milk and dish soap. I found that after making my (super low quality) phone movie you can also use a cotton swab  which seems to have a really neat effect. For the science behind why this happens check out this really cool video that explains why :)

Sweetest Dreams,
Angie XOXO

p.s. I was using my iphone to shoot this video which is touchy and randomly turns it's sound on and off making that icon pop up... I dropped my phone one too many times ^__^ 


AUNIA KAHN said...

Now I have to just follow your blog, I had no idea you were on Blogger :P

P.S. Nice Milk

Angie Mason said...

Hi Hi Hi ^___^ Yes I have been here for gosh years! Started way back in 2003 on here crazy how fast time passes. Thanks for watching my silly experiment fun XOXO