Into another Year we go! Happy 2011!

Happy new year!So it's 2011, does that mean I'm a person of the future!? 2011 sounds fancy!The year right before the notorious 2012! What could this year hold how can I open it up? It's all in my hands & up to me to guide it's direction. I'm making a good start by ending out 2010 by filming my last artwork I made & first thing in 2011 I edited & created this movie for you all to see with my brand new camera! So things this year are getting a good start in the right direction! Lots of documenting! Process + progress, it's what I love! I hope you enjoy this as much I did making the artwork & movie :)

2010 another year passed and cycled out. It was full of ups and downs, wows and wonders like every year has. It was good in the end for me because I am still here still alive breathing clear minded and able to live life the way I choose to so even with any hardships I might face it's still great being able to still play the game and be a part of this planet. Funny thing about the New Year holiday when I was about 4 or 5  I thought NYE was the end of the world And when the ball dropped so did the bomb I cried and hid for my life drawing pictures of mushroom clouds in one of my children books till my mom found out and made it all better by laughing at me... I think there is always a bit of residual terror left in me for this holiday. It's such a holiday centered on the passing of time of course it freaks me out. I try to embrace it though...I do enjoy getting the burst of energy about trying to do more before "time runs out" and also trying to improve and do better in the next year cycle. It can be a positive thing... even if at times it's annoying.

So looking back at  2010 it did go out in style near me by giving us a blizzard of 30" of snow and it even had thunder and lightning during the storm how fancy! It snowed so much with crazy snow drifts I was at first unable to even open my door!
My back door snowed in my house the morning after the blizzard of 2010
Currently I am in post holiday trauma... trying to recover from all the decorations! It was actually a really nice holiday season getting to see so many friends and family this year made it super special.
Sweet photo taken by the talented photographer: Ginny B Rutter
Oh and one more shot from the blizzard.... it made my decorations authentic and pretty! No spray can snow on these decorations!
 One of the fun things I did with my friends this holiday was make a fun ginger bread house, it's not too fancy but ended up being a sloppy little charmer ;) a slop house if you will. I am impressed with our building skills honestly I may just build a human size house made of ginger bread to live in! And can you see the bunnies on the roof or in the green bushes?They were all over because bunnies are awesome and they were gearing up for 2011 the year of the rabbit! :)
The Ginger Bread house that was built at the 2010 Cookie Party Calamity! YAY!
More info on upcoming shows and more art projects and docu-mini art films to come! Stay tuned! I am so ready for another year full of making stuff! :D Oh an be sure to visit www.angiemason.com I did a bunch of updates all over the site so go take a peek!

Sweetest Dreams,
Angie XOXO

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