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American Artist Angie Mason (b.1973) attended Parsons School of Design in New York City where she studied both fine arts and illustration graduating in 1997. Since her school days Angie exhibits her art extensively throughout the United States as well as exhibiting her work internationally. Over the past 10 years she has had both solo and group shows in such places as galleries, museums and art fairs.

Angie Mason's works are a visual examination and narrative of life in modern times as seen through her menagerie of characters which act as mirrors,when looking directly at ourselves is too frightening to do, giving us a glimpse of reality through a grotesque folk pop lens. Often times in her work one finds creatures who are facing their demons or are in fact the demon themselves.
Exploring the twisted combination of opposites through the creation of slightly off characters using them as a way to paint truths about being human. Mason’s works are both horrific and humorous, yet speaks of what it means to be human.  "The world I create is a place where failures, wishers and dreamers live; A place that brings laughter and sadness together for tea. This melancholy menagerie of characters and worlds are a funny, whimsical, dark and tragic view at the wonderful mess of life."

Angie Mason’s art has been put in the center of the new contemporary movement having her work exhibited, published and collected by such notable persons’ as actress/poet Amber Tamblyn and performer/model Aprella. She has been featured in many publications over the years most recently noted the new contemporary art survey book 'EdgyCute' Edited by Harry Saylor. Mason has also been a part of many creative projects such as  the collaborative art/music project entitled ‘Feedback’ organized by artist Danielle DePicciotto. Working with musician Adrian Stout, of Tiger Lillies fame, who composed original music directly inspired by her art. This was then published in a book format with accompanying cd as well as presented in a traveling showcase all over Germany.  Being socially and environmentally aware she has chosen to take part in many charity shows most notably the Whaleless Exhibit which traveled all over Germany and Italy where the Whaleless exhibition was showcased at The Milan Civic Aquarium.

She currently resides and works out of her home in Northern New Jersey, a spooky old colonial house that she shares with her husband and very bad kitty. For more info on artworks, upcoming shows and projects please visit www.angiemason.com

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