Showers of light are all right.....

This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine....
 It all began last Friday with the opening of my first Museum show at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art! I am so thrilled to be a part of this wonderful 3 person show and everyone at iMoca put together a beautiful looking space.. like I said completely thrilled!
My art at iMoca - Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art
Then the very next evening on Saturday in New York City at Last Rites Gallery I was floored yet again when I walked into the space to see my paintings in the center of the gallery space under the show title. I was so honored and HAPPY! 
Last Rites Gallery, NYC New Breed 2 Group Show - My wall of art :)
Next up in October I have a bunch of shows in particular the Lowbrow Tarot Project which is a fantastic group of 23 top New Contemporary artists who took on the major arcana Tarot Cards to put together an amazing exhibit, book and deck! Exciting stuff! My card I have took on is top secret but I can tell you it's the sun card get ready for a super nova when you see it! ^___^ 
But for tonight far away from the idea of the sun I am headed to pitch darkness in the mountains to hopefully get a view of some meteors for this years Perseids meteor shower.
Earlier today I got to visit my dentist and take care of my chompers which I love getting my teeth cleaned... just like people like getting needles to skin for ink I love those needles to gums for teeth. I am not sure why but I really enjoy it for reals... it's like a tooth spa. While I was there my dr. let me take a phone pict. of my mouth x-ray! They think I am funny there how excited I get over teeth.
Angie Mason Mouth up close and personal!
Well besides all that I really am spending my time just trying to get work done remain vital and productive as well as enjoy the last days of summer in my garden with a yummy home made salad. Doing my best to stay balanced.... it's a challenge but I am trying.  After all,you know that moment your circle goes square all movement stops and progress halts and then square takes you down 6ft deep with no way out yeah well I'm doing my best to keep my circle spinning and not go turning square... not yet anyhow. This Circle takes the square and keeps on going! 
Sweet and spicy refreshing summer salad delight!
Sweet Dreams,

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