Sleepless Snowfilled Driving Mad Days

Snow storms hit hard so does sleeplessness so what do you do when you can't sleep and your paintings are drying and you can't work on it well you play with phone video capture and make a silly video set to some music. Well that is what I do...if you pay any bit of attention to me over the years you know I like to play with all forms of creation, paint being my favorite but also from time to time I like to mess around with my own messy chopped up rehashed video's simply because it's fun. Here is one I just did it's 2:30am and I need to go to bed but wasn't able to quite get to sleep so making stuff helps my brain quiet down so hopefully now I can settle down and get some rest for another day of making stuff. This video is not really fancy its rough as I was just playing, however the rough look of the movie is totally what I was going for a sort of Lo-fi dreaminess I love that look ... I shot the movies on my phone while driving then put them into the computer piecing them together in a file adjusted some colors and sped it up a tiny bit then filmed them again to remove it a second time from reality by filtering it through yet another lens it creates a fuzzy blurry dream that I personally enjoy. So that is it for now. Stay tuned also for more art peeks, news and show info! It's all under wraps right now but for good reason I want to surprise you all. So for now here is a vid of me driving to the city shot by me one hand on the wheel and one hand on the camera. Making art is a dangerous thing ;) Don't worry I am a professional I do all my own stunts. It's a silly late movie making party of one.Now sweet dreams more to come soon. xoxox

music by: Hearts Of Black Science song: Driverlights