In the middle of it all is this thing called life.

This is just a simple post of some life crumbs collected. My morning cup of joy has turned into a fun game of making it not only taste lovely but look lovely as well. I am new to not only coffee (just started drinking cappuccino's in January of 2009 during my trip to Italy) but designing them as well so they are not very good but I am still having a blast making them. And hey if you are going to start drinking coffee at some point what better place to start than in Italy :). The process of making a cappuccino is really calming ( I use a Bialetti Pot and hand frother for the milk which I LOVE doing. And the cherry on top of it all is getting to make silly designs on top of a great drink well it's just a cup of joy like I said above.

In the middle of painting and working on things I stop to take a break by painting my nails with none other than some polka dots. And then of course I took pictures of my hands. These are the hands that bring you all the paintings, drawings, sculpture, jewelry and everything you can think of I make with them :).

Here I am in my studio...sleepy headed me I feel tired these days and look messy and quite worn here but I WAS in the middle of painting when I took this as well as taking care of all the things in life that need taking care of.

So yes I am painting these days, in particular the sun card for the upcoming lowbrow tarot card show and book. I am really excited about the work which I can't show you as it is under wraps till the big show and book release coming October 2010! TOP SECRET SUN CARD is totally going super nova you won't believe it when you see it! You will be happy to wait I promise you!

Also some arty news to mention I am in a group show this March in D.C. with ArtWhino the G40 Art Summit. Check out their website for details. Other stuff to mention hmmm well I will be taking part in the New Breed show at Last Rites Gallery this August in NYC so I do hope to see you there! 3 new paintings for that show :) Excited about that as well.

I am feeling sleepy right now and think I will head to
dream. But before I go... I will leave you with some favorite images of incredible sea snails/slugs: Nudibranchs,THEY ARE AMAZING AND A TOTAL REAL LIFE DREAM!!! Learn more about them here .


Anonymous said...

OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you posted nudibranchs. I thought I was one of a few geeky grrls who loved them. I scuba dive, (Well, when I'm not grieving the death of my Mom, panicking about how we're going to come up with the money to pay the evil estate taxes -- pretty much half of everything we have -- or taking care of my many animal pals), and of all the many beautiful things to see in the sea I fell in love with nudibranchs. I actually caught one in my mask one day as I was coming out of the water. I think it was a Spanish Shawl (Quite common but oh so beautiful) I scooped it up and watched and and then realized it was scared, it was doing circles, so I felt terrible and let it go. Anyway I love them. Yeay that you love them too. Love your blog. I haven't been able to write in ages on mine, even though I had about five thousand readers, at least and had been writing for more than a dozen years, since before the term blog was coined. But if you're interested it's http://jacqui.livejournal.com and my photos are on flickr.com under my member name, jacquiscloset. I have tons of my Mama's and Granny's vintage dresses there to peek at, they were fashion designers. Tough day today -- saying goodbye to my childhood home, taking my Mom's ashes with us, before we begin the horror of packing it all up. Thank you for lightening up my life tonight with your inspirational journal. Big Hugs, Jacqui jacquiscloset@aol.com but always cc me at my fiances email as well cine my mean spam filters sometimes play hide and seek with me. XOX

Angie Mason said...

OH thank you so much I am so happy you found my journal/blog inspirational it truly makes me happy to hear that! Keep diving deep in life with everything you do! xoxo!