The Angie Mason™ Dealt Hand Collection is coming soon!!!

I have been working on a new collection and the fruits of my labors are coming to fruition. the 'Dealt Hand' design will be released first as a tee. The 1st run will consist of varied styles and colored tees in this Special Limited 'Dealt Hand' Artist Proof Edition, 23 tees will be released in the first special super limited Artist Proof run! In this 1st Run all 23 tees come with a numbered and signed collectors label. All Hand Made & FANCY! Then 2nd run will be a wide release and still super wonderful I promise! I will announce when they are available for sale which will be soon exclusively to start on the Angie Mason Art Shop :) YAY!!!! I have not been the best blogger... Trying to get all my projects organized and in order and most importantly done so I can share them with all you amazing people. xoxox. ♡♥♡

Dealt Hand Promo Teaser

I will post more in a day or so on here to do a more thorough update on art shows as well as other art print news!
oh oh oh you should know about this a very special contest is going on right now through April 2 to win a free art print over at the facebook fan page visit there to see more on that.

For now I need sleep it is after 3:00am and I have been running since 9am I AM TIRED o__o

Sweet Dreams!

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