Making and Destroying Things....

Making and destroying things. Out of destruction comes creation. The idea of making work and approaching paintings lately has me thinking about re-approaching old canvas's that paused stopped all because I got the creative hiccups... I got attached to something in the work that made me stop and made it really hard to maneuver at all within the realm of that canvas because it became to precious and I got scared to hurt it or ruin it somehow....so it's gets abandoned and sits in the studio on an easel for years reminding me of the lost love I once had with it.

How can I approach these old unfinished works and make them work make them full or whole complete.... This is how: Destroy Them!

I will paint over that precious image that made me pause in the first place. I will move freely again within these old cold grounds I will reclaim them plant new seeds grow a new harvest of now leave that past of haunted images and precious holdings on that only cripple me I will mix my paints with no precepts I will let it flow out of me and onto the canvas... I will reconstruct and destruct old visions make them new... make me new.

You know that struggle in making a work sometimes....YEAH YOU KNOW :) we ALL have those back closet dwellers... and I feel like freeing mine I feel like its time to awaken and set them free prisoners of the storage closets darkness for too long and with a constant desire to reuse or save things in my life I feel like by re-approaching these canvas's with a carefree attitude I can in turn revive them.

It's a test it is a fun side experiment as I love making and destroying things and this is just that. It's a study in my emotional reaction to a painting... and to see what will develop from denying my desire to hold on to one precious part of a work which just makes the rest suffer and live a closet life this is me trying to release these visions into the wild. I will unlock those locked up doomed pieces and make something of them instead of just taking up space and doing nothing but hiding.

They are visual pieces and need to be made to be seen not hidden. They are to be shared not tucked away just for me and the darkness to see. THis is an experiment in throwing away maps and plans and just doing... it's been said before that if you know what you are going to do why bother doing it... Sure you can plan a work from a sketch and have an idea taken to finish I get that process it can work and remain fun and interesting Because for me most of the time when I don't get the creative hiccups it stays loose and fluid and I allow for things to pop up most of the time...It's that element of surprise for me allowing me to discover new things that I love... but I am human and sometimes that method led to a stale craft, a crumbling vision of being stuck in the mudd.

I am moving forward fast and slow rewind all the time these days and lately I want to revisit and revamp uncover an old canvas and cover them up with freedom from attachment. I want to see what making these works will feel like and see if I learn something on this journey. I will begin this journey by attacking several old unfinished works that have been with me for quite some time. It is time to awaken these beasts with the claws of my brush making them bleed open fresh.

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