NYC Art Show : Guild Of The Black Eagle III

Hello All,

I just thought I would pass this info for a show I am a part of. These very informal salon style shows put on by the Guild Of the Black Eagle are really loads of fun and are more like art parties than a gallery exhibition so if you happen to be in the neighborhood stop by. ^___^


This Saturday October 6th is The third installment of The Guild of The Black Eagle salon exhibition. These shows are a survey of new works by some of the finest fresh talents working today. There are no restrictions to boarders or styles. We have East and west coast and in between. The work is for sale but this is not the motive to the show. We take no commission from the artist which gives the collector a chance to get work for slightly less than normal. So please come out to see this rare and special show. Guild Of the Black Eagle is a collective of Galleries and Artists working together to present shows in a more informal salon style gallery setting to promote and foster arts :) The Galleries in the Guild are: STRYCHNIN GALLERY, McCaig-Welles Gallery and Capla Kesting Fine Art Gallery.

Here is who we have lined up for this one:
Travis Lindquist - Colin Burns - Jonny Fenix - Steve Ellis - Kevin Willis - R. Nicholas Kuszyk - Eduardo Benedetto - Gabriella Vainsencher – Carlucci – Philly - David Stoupakis - Danielle Ezzo - Lincoln Capla - Anthony Zito - Angie Mason -Kirsten Kay Thoen - Jason Griffin - Dave Tree - Goldmine Shithouse - Erik Foss - Allison Silva - Alie Ward - Marcus Poston - Ernie Sandidge - Joe Heaps Nelson - Lizzie Liegh - Amy Shawley -Greg Gould - David Hochbaum

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