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This is a new painting that will be in the Stychnin Gallery grand opening London show.

"It Ain't Gonna Happen (The Failure of Pipe Dream Mechanics Broke Down Blues)'©2007 Angie Mason
Acrylic Framed

I also have 2 drawings and a window box sculpture I did for this show. I am currently trying so very hard to organize my studio but feeling a bit overwhelmed with having just too much going on and to do I end up getting nothing done with that... well I made a bit of progress today and cleaned one of my studio drawers out... now if I could only finish! But seriously there are too many distractions going on with doing work for upcoming shows, planning trips, shipping art and now I just got a new camera so shooting artwork too.

Really it's all great stuff to be busy with stuff you love but I think I need to start sadly saying no and just focus on all the good things I have going. Or else I am going to run out of steam and all my pipe dreams will fail. Gotta go focus and finish all the tasks I have at hand one potato two potato three potato four finish what I started and get it through that door... The over extending of ones self is a terrible service to thine self... knock that shit off. Clear all the road blocks and Polish finish final done do it you are a clean slate wiper tabula rasa riser make it so and just do it and quit writing nonsensical blather about doing it ...ok here I go! ^____^

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