Some upcoming group shows...

I have been really pretty bad about promoting all the smaller group shows I have been involved in lately I am just sooo busy with all this solo show preparation... but as a way to make a mends here are some promo's

First up is a group show at a brand new very cool gallery called Windup Gallery out in Mesa Arizona. If you are around that area be sure to make over for the big opening on May 18th,2007. I really wish I could attend this but am not able to.

^____^ I hope you can make it out to some. I will be attending the ArtDorks show at McCaig Welles Gallery in June. All the works will be square and I am really excited about the painting I am doing for this show... more to come shortly.

So here are some promo's for shows coming up very soon.... a show I don't have a visual promo for is a group show at HQ Galerie in Montreal... it's their one year anniversary show... Knock Your Sock Off Group Show June 2, 2007

Also on June 2, 2007 over at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles is the charity event Re:Mission a benefit auction to help raise money for Children with Cancer and the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles.
OK so thats about all for now... NEXT NEWS TO COME is all about the Berlin Solo Show which I am super excited for !!! Currently I am framing all the works and up next shipping. OK DEEP BREATH and GO!

Time to take out the trash and get some shut eye but first let me drill some holes into some frames. I consumed way too much sugar today... I am sooo hopped up on soda 0__0 A nice random ending for you.... blabber blab blabbity blab. I AM SOOO interesting look at me i have a blog I write about stuff that I then post on the internet cause I am fancy. Ya' all are bloggatizing me. I am totally blogtized its like a religion oh wait I 'M SORRY I MEAN a blogligion. I ain't a mother on this mother's day but I am a mutha like every fucking day of my life so suck on that cause that shit's juicy!!!

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