AMazing Creatures from the deep!

Vu du ciel : les abysses
Video sent by Grenouillard

My favorite of the wonderful bunch is the adorable dumbo octopus! I love its big flappy ears and what look like a tongue sticking out or a funny nose. Magnifique Creatures of the abyss indeed!
I love that there are places in this world that induce such an incredible state of wonder. Nature's design is astounding and inspiring. Thanks to some wonderful people for sharing the dumbo octopus with me.... as they came running over with a copy of their science nytimes which ran a story about deep sea wonders. They were saying as they were handing me the newspaper that it looks like something I would paint ^___^ and I said wow that is a compliment! I Love these creatures!

From me more tales of wonder to come, of random thoughts, show progress and new works for your eyes to devour. In the mean time I am going to eat some birthday cupcakes ^____^ cuz it's mine!!!

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