Life Sore Spores : My Solo Show Progress REport

So it's May Cinco de Mayo actually and I am at the point where My paintings are now done and waiting to be photographed this week by my most awesomest girl in the world,Loo Loo! She really is saving my life ok maybe not my life but really my budget that she is helping me shoot these paintings ... there are 20 of them and then there will also be sketches, drawings and visual objects sculptures at the show... but that is my cherry on top of all these paintings which is the main ice cream of this delicious sundae of a show I am whipping up. So after photos...then they get framed and shipped off to Berlin. The shipping makes my stomach turn but I know I just have to get it done but thankfully the wonderful David Stoupakis gave me an amazing shipping contact. ^__^ He is soooo awesome! Sooo this show is called 'Life Sore Spores' it will open on July 13th 2007 at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin and Yes I will be there! I can not wait to go. This has been quite a process and continues so once it all comes to fruition I will be one happy proud lady. Until then senorita nervousita I shall be. This is my first international Solo Show... and a really huge deal for me. I am really excited and have been working hard for a year or so on a bunch of new works to present. You can see one of my new pieces in progress in the studio pictured to the side here and also the animated progression of that piece below. I tend to write words with paintings but never really share them with many people it's just a part of my process in making visual works and I much rather let the viewer take in their own personal meaning and not let my words or views pollute their experience but but but just for kicks I figured I would share that part of me to all you invisible souls passing numbers through the wires it's here for you. So below is a snippet of one about the painting pictured which is still currently being titled... I have some different names and want to sit with her to make sure the name is perfect.
"Infiltration infestation growing she is full of bees stinging her with bad ideas and nasty thoughts... Though sometimes she feels that through the pain of these seemingly negative pests she can make honey... These Bees give her life they keep her feeling pain which allows her to know she is alive. Her Colony of creation lives within her allowing her to produce her honey life nectar. Through all the pains in her life of worry self doubt sickness disgust and anything negative that she endures she holds the honey in her hand as a positive sign of creation through the pain. She can take terrible things and create beauty from them. Cultivating the negative in order to create and grow positive life from it. Without the bees would there be any honey any wonderful creations or drive to produce magic. The fungus in life tries to bring on the colony collapse but even as it grows all over spreading disease throughout she is strong and fights against this negative bacterial fungal war. Plagued by Heartworms,sick frog clog and life sore spores sprouting up all over her she gazes out weary but not yet given in. She seems tired but still standing with her fist clenching the honey wand ready to fight and hold on to life.

Stung in her heart for the pains of life...just as love is so sweet and wonderful there is also a bitter sadness and everything inevitably will always die. Whether it's metaphorically or physical loss so the stingers shows a love lost with the dying bee on my shoulder... There's a relationship to the bees in her life they are not always painful and against her they can love her very much as she does them for allowing her to help in producing the honey of her life. The needle sticking in the arm is reference to personal health issues. The ta
king of blood the taking of self always being drained in life yet still able to hold on and produce honey. The honey is held in the left hand as I who is she is left handed & mostly create with that hand naturally though since the accident utilize both hands much more now as I have to. Life draining sting stungers stuck again holding her head high endurance of pain and rising above the negativity in life. Overcoming circumstances.

The wearing of a blue dress, its a somber regal color to show respect & beauty standing strong even though she is suffering she is able to present herself in a respectable lovely manner. Sometimes in life we wear many things hats, masks,outfits and made up faces to cover up parts of us that we would much rather conceal so the wearing of this blue dress is symbolic for maintaining beauty and grace rather than giving in to the ugliness of pain & death.The fungus may grow on her but march on she will, wearing the dress and the bee hive crown being proud even if bruised,stung and full of fungus.So many types of growths we have whether it be metaphorical for someone or something in our lives or it can simply be that disease & sickness of growing old has infiltrated our body compromising us. We all have our fungal growths, our life sore spores, some of us just try to conceal it better by wearing a lovely blue dress."

So that was just a snippet of many words I jot down in my books or notes.. it was something I don't think I really shared before with my previous works and just found it interesting I guess to expose another aspect of my creative process giving it some more dimension if you will to how a piece comes about.
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Yes sir it's May and this month toward the end of it I will also be celebrating my Birthday! It's always as I near my birthday I get extra nostalgic and like to take a deep look back at it all and then breath out and get ready for what's ahead. Well this post has gone way too long for my tastes... I have allergies now and I am drinking some yerba maté tea to help me which I think it really does such wonderful stuff it is I mean after all it's the friendship and health drink so it has to be good :) and it's really great with a dash of cinnamon and milk YUMMMMY. But seriously if you have allergies like most this season being at such a peak drink this tea it HELPS and for so many other things too! Plus I read that one of the myths behind the tea said in short that a godess from the moon came to earth and was almost attacked by a jaguar but an old man helped save her so showing her gratitude to the old man she gave him the maté tree which could make a magical drink of friendship... I just love story time!

And to end this post I will share a wonderful waking dream hallucination I had a week or so ago.... For the record I am on NO meds at all and all I can say having had this vivid hallucination I hope I am not deathly ill hahaha... But the experience was amazing!!!

Between 3 and 4am I woke up staring toward the ceiling of our bedroom which was covered in sea anemones and jelly fish tentacles which were all swirling around gracefully and slowly coiling downward as if they were trying to spin me up into this lush sea scape. It was beautiful and sparkling with light and color. I was completely aware and felt a bit of unease and tried to stop it but it didn't go away and at that point I gave into the experience and embraced all the beauty that flowed before me.


jen G said...

Good luck lady! The beehive rocks!

Angie Mason said...

Thank you Lady!!! I am back from Berlin now and took forever to reply but if you see this before I chat with you we should all hang out and oooo photoshoot!!! that would be fun! Later u! <3