Buttons,Floods and Glazes OH mY!!!

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In other news I am just trying to stay dry from all this rain spending days and nights sopping up and clearing out floods from my basement which just cracked under all the pressure of so much water and just gave up wanting to be walls and decided to act more like a soggy drippy sponge soaking everything in sight...luckily I am a plastic box storing freakazoid. Other amazing stories from the studio days is I am currently testing new glazes out for my paintings since they stopped making the one I used :( arrgh... lots of tests still not happy with anything yet and trying so very hard to keep the fumes down... but I have a feeling that I am going to have take a deep breath get me some fumerific glazes.... I had been doing the forementioned tests and thought one was safe to use on an actual painting but as soon as I applied it I could see how it was turning intoa nightmare... getting chunky and wrinkling and just gross... not a pretty glaze at all I ran as fast as I could to the bathroom and gave my painting a shower...washing off that nasty glaze... On to more tests! Such is life. A corner of my world.. you can see lots of visual object I make that are also availble for you to purchase/adopt at my store.... ok well be sure to get your buttons on and other fun stuff on my shop! Stay dry and as always sweet dreams.

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