Brainspill:Poem splurt burst brain seepage

Riding the remorse horse
packed with boney dreams
of brittle offerings
fallen to the ground
broken into bits
they hardly make a sound

And you forget your dreams
if you let them slip
through loose fingers
never holding tight
the passing of a life.

And too much time is wasted
sitting at a screen
making false connections
it’s never as it seems.

Get along little doggy
make it home before dark
don’t get lost in the forest
or get hit by a car.

Honing skills of madness
figuring it out
the days are going faster
and nothing is out loud.

Internal head trips daily
diving deep toward
depths of nonsense
they keep filling up your days.

Past due outdated
soft wear body
scales are molting
time to shed your skin
the time is getting closer
and its time to due you in.

Done did it
gone get it
fast as you can
ain’t gonna happen
ever again.

Game over
game over
you lose out my friend
you slept through your life
and now you must meet your end
best friends like forever
till death do you part and
death is the maiden
You swore on your heart.


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