It's Aprils Fools!BUT THIS AIN't NO JOkE!!! This Shits for REal and let me tell you...this Shits Bananas!

THE BRAND NEW ANGIE MASON ONLINE ART SHOP is now LIVE!!! I am sooo happy to get this finally up and running. I am sure there are quirks and glitches but over all it works sooo even though I was up till 5 a.m. and I feel like a fool for being up that long my hard work along with help from friends really paid off so thank you to everyone who helped me with this especially the LCB crew ;) . The store works through paypal but you can totally use

 a credit card and not have a paypal account and still pay me through paypal that is the beauty of it. Some things you will find at the shop are prints, sculpted visual objects,buttons and original artwork SO please take a look around and go on buy yourself something why don't ya! I will add more products on once I get more shut eye... I tell you when I get possessed and obsessed it's scary. GO VISIT THE SHOP!

SOME OTHER NEWS... GO Read the new interview I gave over at BlahBlah Gallery! I will post more news soon on upcoming shows ,events and more interviews very soon... Soo Check back sooner than later!

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