Weekly round up for no real reason other than to blog :D

Yup that's right I don't have major news to share. Spent the week drawing as always as well as finishing up my 2 handbill pieces for the Upcoming show Handbills of Subversion at MF Gallery on January 20th. I will make a separate post about that show with final images in the show. 

So back during the holidays I had a holiday gathering with some friends where I covered my dining room table with drawing paper. After the party was over I loved seeing all my friends drawing and energy left in that space on such during such a happy time. I decided I was going to keep the paper wrapped table and continue to add to it daily during morning, lunch dinner whenever I found myself in there I keep pencils handy and just eat and draw. I always loved drawing on furniture since I was a kid but as a kind of adult I can now go out and buy large rolls of drawing paper which I affix to my dining table and let family , friends and mostly me draw on it! Of course since I am there everyday I dominate the paper. 🎨   🤓  😜  

This  daily doodle meditative activity proves helpful to just loosen up and clear my mind. This is my doodle meditation therapy and it makes me feel so much better. Drawing on my table daily making a giant collaboration... below are some peeks at my dining room table daily doodle project enjoy. It's not for anything other than my personal joy. 

In other news we had a bit of snow here this weekend which made for a cozy time. We headed to our favorite local Mexican restaurant and pretended we were in mexico during the storm :) Then I went home and baked a custard pie which turned out to be yummy.

That is all for now! More bloggy daydreams and art life posts coming soon! Hoping to at least try for a weekly round up like this just to share a bit about random bits and of course art! 

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