My personal post mortem review of 2016

2016 was filled with personal growth both creatively, politically, as well as personally. Having spent the year in my sketchbooks I filled over 4 sketchbooks and took part in a handful of special art shows that ended up helping people through the sale of my art donating to help the water protectors at Standing Rock when I took part in the Benefit for Standing Rock at Rogue Space Gallery donating 100% of profits to help the cause to protect water and say no to DAPL. I was also super happy to be part of the group artists that helped raise money for the Boston Children's Hospital when I took part in Future Arts Festival curated by the fabulous Sarah Potter! Through such events I really saw how I could help raise money for things I care about as a way to have a voice in a movement. The movement I always choose is progress, peace and over all positive protections for our planet and environment. Upcoming art shows I am taking part in will benefit the ACLU and Planned Parenthood! Stay tuned for details!
Starting to look back over the year and well basically I drew a lot, this is just a small taste of my creative year I filled over 3 sketchbooks and counting this year. The blue and grayness felt right for all the personal and collective loss we all felt pretty hard this year. I am feeling 2017 has more painting and color in store the ideas are swirling inside me. 2016 was my first venture into working with a manufacturer to produce my own limited edition signed art pin a Weathered Souls Totem
which I am very proud of which you can get at my art shop www.angiemason.com/STORE

I was also happy to use my art as a way to help people taking part in benefit shows raising money for the Boston Children's hospital and Standing Rock Water Protectors. I plan on continuing this "Artivist" path beginning first thing in the new year hoping to help raise money for the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.  ✊🏻✌🏻  Overall just happy to be on this visual journey.

A cluster of special happy moments I want to hold on from 2016! Friends, Nature, Beauty and Art!
2016 as dark as it was also had it's magical moments amongst so much of the constant barrage of bad news. I personally was so grateful to get to travel to Iceland and see the entire country on a road trip of a life time! I have never seen so much natural varied beauty on one tiny magical country. It was a powerful amazing journey that left me wanting to go back but also in awe of this beautiful planet we live on.  2016 showed me other worlds where beauty knows no words. Where the landscapes are so vast and so varied it leaves you breathless at the incredible sites they offered. It showed me how powerful natures beauty and strength are and we should fight to protect those things. *Stay tuned for a full Iceland blog recap which will be heavy on the photos!

I began the year so full of hope getting my political side energized by the one and only Bernie Sanders... I was feeling the Bern like so many others. He filled me with a hope for the future. He ignited the fire within to fight for a country I want to live in. The shift into dark times with the election of Trump really cut deep into so many of us leaving us asking what can we do how do we cope and navigate this world that seems to be going backwards. For me personally the answer is through my art. Getting more involved in benefit shows to help raise money for organizations and people I believe in.

On a lighter joyful level 2016 gave the gift of music seeing live concerts such as:
The Cure, Jane's Addiction, Gogol Bordello, The Killers, The Specials, King Dude, Zoe Keating, Chrvches and more! I always love seeing live music and getting to see these shows with some amazing people made it that more special! May there always be music in our lives!

2016 was truly a year of great loss for so many of us on so many different levels. Many of my personal heroes and teachers died and friends had close loved ones die, hope died a little during the 2016 election and on election day personally though the fire in my belly to keep pushing for progress and hope is seriously on fire now. This shedding of so many lives lost, this wall of life leaves me feeling exposed and alone to face the world I really have to be my own hero now to continue the creative journey, keep fighting the good fight with truth and beauty without giving into fears,depression and giving up. To keep creating beauty in the world as dark as it seems to be getting this is my responsibility and has been my life's main focus making art. This is my personal strength and how I often times have a voice. I hope we all can find the courage together to stand up and be the things we naturally are with no fear and together we can hold each other up to make our voices stronger for 2017 and on. We need art ,vision ,humor, compassion ,wisdom and really just all the positive parts of humanity to shine bight more than ever! I feel it was always historically a source of light during difficult times and is no different now that will be what helps us through any struggle and opposition. 

Halloween costume dream realized :) 
Halloween costume dream realized :)
2016 was filled with so much loss but it also gave so much. It gave me a fire in my belly to make changes to be involved to use my art to help others. To use my art as my voice. To continue to dedicate myself to making my art path and art life. Sharing yourself can be political, it can motivate and inspire others. It can help others. 2016 gave me courage to stand up taller and fight for who I am and the world I want to live in. And most importantly it taught me to enjoy life with those we have now. Love big and dream strong. 2017 I welcome all your obstacles and look forward to the continued journey! Happy to be alive! Rest in peace to all we have lost! I hope to live my life as fully and beautifully as my way to honor you all!  
Holidays with friends and family makes my heart smile :) 

What a beautiful memorial for my first life changing art teacher John Kavalos. We met in the Egyptian wing near the temple of Dendur where we formed a large circle and people just shared their stories it was very moving. We ate edible gold leaf in Johns memory surrounded by statues of gods.

Hello, I'm Angie and I had first met my painting teacher John Kavalos in 1990 at S.A.I. ( The Summer Arts Institute) an immersive five week sleep away program when I was 17. At this gathering at the Met I felt I've come full circle he was the first person who took me to this museum and taught me to pay a penny or whatever I could afford. As a financially poor 17 year old kid he opened the world of art to me it wasn't just a closed off world, I could now be a part of this. He showed me it was possible. I have followed my art path, my art life and I really feel looking back like he was the smart mouth sharp minded ambassador who welcomed me onto this art path that I have been on ever since. Teaching me early on to fucking trust my gut and be honest in my work. He is a feeling now so many I have heard speak at this magical uplifting inspiring memorial carry this feeling with them as well and that is his gift to us. I am forever grateful to this marvelous wonderful teacher and human his generosity forever changed me and so many others. And in his honor I paid $1 (inflation ;)) to get in to the museum.
I'm so inspired seeing how one person can affect so many lives change them become part of them in some way.It was an extremely beautiful moment that made my heart grow wanting to and hoping to touch lives and affect people the way he did even if I could do that at a fraction of his power I would feel a success. Rest in peace kind sir. We shit gold and piss perfect circles in your honor ❤️ #johnkavalos

What a perfect photo of The late great Katherine Dunn 🎪🎨✏️✒️❤️ if you have never read Geek Love you are not fully living go right now & read it! Her language is so visual, so dark and so beautiful it's astonishing! It's human and it's perfect in all its marvelous twisted ways a favorite book for ever ❤️

My cat loves #Prince too especially all the filthy songs 😽

  • "Admission is easy, just say U Believe and come 2 this Place in your heart
    Paisley Park is in your heart" #ripprince His music has touched my life and I feel so lucky to have been on the planet with you for 42 years of my life and first hearing you when I was 8 years old when my mother joined a penny cassette mail club and Controversy arrived in our rusty old mailbox. You were one of the first non conformist mentors to expand my mind. May U Live 2 See The Dawn 💜💜💜 😌 p.s. I learned to play Purple Rain this weekend on my #ukulele to pay tribute to your wonderful insanely prolific creative being. #paiselyprince#princeart 💜💜💜

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