Falling into artwork and shows!

The season takes it’s grip with cold finger tips tight shaking leaves loose. It is a  falling frenzy fevered colored life right now. I love this time of year the incredible amount of constant change in the landscape completely inspires me and actually makes me feel euphoric seeing that incredible amount of beauty. Inspiration awakens my senses and pulls me out of any creative hibernation I may have been in which leads me to being more productive and I have been working on my secret Botanicuties project blooming 2014 as well making other fun art treats!

I have some fall shows opening this month which is very exciting! First up is the grand opening at Alexi Era Gallery in Saint Louis Opening Night Reception is November 9th just days away! The space is gorgeous and the show looks amazing so don’t miss it if you are in the area! Go and give Aunia a hug for me and see a wonderful stunning group show she has curated for this special event marking the opening of her new gallery!

Opening Party: November 9th, 7-11pm
Contact: Aunia Kahn
Tel. 618-407-5596
Email: info@alexieragallery.com

So on top of all my secret artworks I am also feeling like a little elf making art toys for the annual MF Gallery Toy show opening night November 16th! I will be attending the opening so I hope to see all your festive freaks there! Here is a sneak peak at some of what you will find from me at the art Toy show :D 

Opening Party: Saturday November 16th, 7-10pm

MF Gallery: 213 Bond St. Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: (917)446-8681 Email: info@MFgallery.net

MF Gallery is located at 213 Bond Street, between Butler and Baltic Streets in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, NY. Take the A or G to Hoyt/ Schermerhorn, the F or G to Bergen, or the R to Union.

The entire Toy Show will be available for viewing and purchasing online at: www.MFgallery.net/TS13/TS13.html  After the opening, the gallery will be open by appointment only. Please contact Martina Secondo Russo at (917)446-8681 or info@MFgallery.net for appointments, questions or press inquiries.

In other random life news I visited the Great Jacko’lantern Blaze in upstate NY on Halloween… due to the rain some of the pumpkin’s lights were out but overall it was a pretty magical fun time.

Ok my sketchbook is calling me :D back to work!

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