Art shows, Coupon Codes and Kitten Bits OH MY!

Starting things off with a coupon code good for 25%OFF on all orders made on my Art Shop and etsy shop now through November 1st! COUPON CODE: MONSTERDEAL  Special offer on angiemason.com/STORE now through November 1st and on my Etsy shop! https://www.etsy.com/shop/AngieMasonArt

I have some shows coming up in Brooklyn and Saint Louis! 
First the grand opening show at the fabulous new gallery opened by Aunia Kahn called Alexi Era will open November 9th with a wonderful group show if you are in the area it not to be missed! 
Then opening at the one and only MF Gallery is the annual artists Toy Show! I am currently finishing up new toy inspired works for this! Be sure to make it out for the always fun opening parties!

And now for a ton of photos from my memories past distant and recent :D 
Both moving and still...
HOLY SMOKES! Just looking back at art shows of mine since 2006! Inspires me to see it all together. 

Shipped art off to galleries for new shows! Yay!

My scaley face at the recent Halloween party at MF Gallery it was a fun time!

Halloween party at MF Gallery it was a fun time!

APPLE BONE BUDDY! My breakfast one morning :D 

Finally fixed my eye prescription! Feeling so much better about the world ;D with a whole new perspective

Having a ball with My Metropolis Gallery gang! Let's Rumble!

Sorting Art for shows in my studio....
And here I am so very long ago... memory blips of my younger days 
AND Last bit of news is my life has been so much looking down at this mess of art supplies...currently I am growing an all new garden of characters that plan on blooming in 2014 so be on the look out for my all new collection of artworks: BOTANICUTIES! 

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