Road Tripping My Brains Out Lately...

Sometimes we need to be inspired and for me I find much inspiration in travel and nature. From Summer into Fall I have been taking road trips to inspire my senses and just get my head in new places to shake things up a bit. When you stay fixated in the same place we can often times lose perspective and get stagnant. My travels help me keep my mind flexible and open. 

Here is some of what I have been up to lately! Most recently I took a quick road trip to Upstate NY to visit Mt. Tremper and Woodstock area...here is a clip of a fun time off of RT 28 in Woodstock and Mt. Tremper New York. We visited one of the worlds largest kaleidoscopes as well as stopping into an Artists Studio shop where he makes his own robots and spaceship sculptures! Such great fun! The ride was beautiful with all the leaves already changing colors really made my eyes and heart swell with joy!  

Fete Paradiso - On Governors Island this fantastic traveling French Vintage carnival ran all summer through the end of September. I took a ride on some these antique carnival wonders and thought I was going to fly out of them as there were no real safety designs in place it was very thrilling but also left me with some bruises. I like to call them memory sores. ;)

Oh and then off to wonderful Bannerman Island in the Hudson Valley! We left from Beacon NY taking a half hour boat ride to the island. Once there we had a great tour guide who told us of the history of the island and the story of Bannerman Castle and how it came to be!


Back in beginning of September I took a beautiful trip up to Cape Cod where I stayed in the one and only Provincetown! PTown is such a charming place full of shops and eats and old lovely homes as well as the star of the show the ocean! Some of the highlights we visited were the dunes, The Moors, Racepoint Beach to watch the sun set into the ocean one of the few places you can do this on the east coast apparently! We went whale watching saw a hump back whale mother and son at play being amazing! We toured the light houses notably the Highland Lighthouse in North Truro. Driving back home we stopped near Yarmouth to visit the Edward Gorey House and Museum. It was a perfect fall primer gearing me up for the Halloween season! SEE FULL PHOTO SET HERE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/angiemason/sets/72157635455724193/



 I also have been spending time with my new kittens enjoying them and training them to do tricks of course! Here is my sweet silly kitty Bezzlebubs and his bestie Monkey EVER!  
 And to end this here is a little vine I made from a doodle in my sketchbook :D


NOW Back to making more ART!

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