Time passes and those we love pass away with every passing moment

I have been quiet again. Seems I get quiet when life becomes difficult. This past month I lost my beloved cat Nervil Nerverburger who has graced my life for 13 wonderful years. He was an amazing perfect creature. He kept me happy during some of my darkest times. He is sorely missed. I will be picking up his ashes this week, though he lives in my heart now.  It's always strange losing someone or something you love you are left with the residue of their existence haunting you in unexpected ways in your daily life. An example of this is my garbage can in my kitchen makes this low growly meow that sounds so much like Nervil when he was not feeling good. So now when I throw out trash it gives me a pang in my heart for my sweet Nervil. Shopping in the grocery store only yesterday I was in the produce isle and declared out loud how I had to be sure to go by the lettuce isle to buy a head of fresh greens for Nervil then I was like oh wait I don't have to and was saddened. It's these little pains that pop up bitter sweet memories that haunt you. It can be difficult but I know I want his memory to live on inside me. Even as I write this I just heard a rustling in my studio a sound anomaly that sounded like Nervil was here getting into my papers like a good studio assistant he was. Oh my heart swells for that sweet darling cat.

With life being what it is lately I have been quiet in a creative side too. I have needed time away from everything to sort and regroup. I know I have also been a creative hibernation mode. It happens it's part of my process. Social media makes these bouts a bit rougher marking my absence since so much feels like every passing moment not posting something feels like an eternity you are away. Trying to stay connected with all who follow along with me. Working on this balance. I am finding it cathartic to make some #sadvines to help cope with my loss. As well as making happy ones introducing new kittens in my life. Shortly after the passing of Nervil we made the decision to adopt 2 rescue kittens. The house was feeling to quiet and was on the verge of depression for me. So We took in two brother fur babies. I will introduce them in another post. For now I just want to say....

13 years ago Lyle and I met a special little man who came into our lives and hearts in a big way. He filled our lives with joy humor and beauty and will be sorely missed. We honor Nervil's memory as he passed away early the morning of July 14th quietly in my arms. We are heart broken over his loss yet so grateful to have had him in our lives for the 13 wonderful years. He was our best little friend and even though he is no longer with us in the physical world his memory is alive in our hearts. I honored Nervil's memory by really watching the sun set seeing all the colors shift and change, recognizing the amazing fleeting beauty that life is and being grateful for all you love and being present in the moment. 


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