Weathered Souls Opening night fun Recap

Seems like April 13th was so long ago now however I wanted to share a recap of the opening night photos with links and some fun vine video clips. Well I totally missed blogging in April so here is a recap of the fantastic opening night party for the 3 person show I was so thrilled to be a part of! My part of the show Weathered Souls is now on view until May 31st so there is still time to catch this wonderful 3 woman show at MF Gallery! 

 The show is up until Friday May 31st, 2013 and I highly recommend that you head over to MF Gallery and make an appointment to see this show! Martina and Frank  will be so happy to let you up to see the show on the second floor walk up in Gowanus Brooklyn. This 3 person show is fabulous showcasing my work along side Aya Kakeda and Nicoz Balboa. I believe our works compliment each other and you will love seeing this dark feminine wildly imaginitive worlds we all created. Also not to be missed is the on going mural that is growing when you first enter in to the gallery walking up the stair case you will be greeted by visions of characters from a multitude of MF gallery artists including Angie *myself, Aya and Nicoz.

 Another reason you should catch this show before it's over is if you happen to take your picture with my artwork and post it to Instagram hash tag #angiemason or @_angiemason_ on instagram or on twitter @angiemasonart tweet to get a treat! I will send a special surprise to any fan who sends me a picture of them at the show with my work via twitter or instagram! It's a win win! 

Show photos are can be seen in the following links:
And Now some fun vine clips from opening night :)

And here is a vine made while setting up for the opening :)

And One more when there was a storm inside my studio

I also just released a new print on The Angie Mason Art Shop! 

Ok So that's my update for tonight :) NOW GO SEE THE SHOW!!!

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