Making a solo show from seeds to blossoms... NYC it's time!

Making a solo show for me and for all bodies of work I produce actually always start in my journals and sketchbooks. It's from these humble little seeds my ideas are planted onto paper making their way into the world from my minds eye to the realm of reality. And here I am with just a few more days till the big opening night in NYC at Sacred Gallery it's the end of the journey...it is finally here it all came to fruition and I am so very proud and thankful for all who are involved with making this show happen!

All lined up waiting to get wrapped up for their journey to the big city. Since I was a little kid I dreamt of having a show in NYC so this is a pretty big deal for me :D I am super excited to have made this dream come true. 

30 drawing all wrapped up ready to box up and goto the gallery!

Time to pack up my tiny Scion IQ. They really should sponsor me and have me document all the art journeys I take with this little guy as they are always an adventure. It was a relief it all fit with room to spare! :D Yay tiny cars!

Strapped in and ready to roll! 

Off to NYC! 

Driving downtown to the gallery which is over on Broadway but on my way there I am  
happy to take in the sites on this journey getting to see glass giants growing toward the sky again.

I dropped the art off and actually as of now it's all hung and looks totally AMAZING! 
Come out this Saturday! It's going to be a PARTY! XOXO

After dropping off the art I walked around and had dinner with one my best friends which was the cherry on top of fantastic dreamy day! 

See you at the show JULY 7th,2012 7pm - 10pm  :) 

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