Sun will set and it's time again to dream...

©Angie Mason 2012

A sweet warm breeze blows as birds sing with the faint sound of trains buzzing by humming in the distance laced with sounds of laughter and cheers interwoven creating a symphony of summer. All the while I sit here watching this hot orange sun set slowly into the trees turning all sorted shades of pinks and purples. Oh how I love these simple moments they never get old. :) Stop what you are doing the next time the sun sets and just watch this brief moment in time, pass with it, be there for the sun as it will never set like this again. Just sit, just for a moment. Take in your surroundings listen, look and be still. Your brain will feel so much more open and clear. Filling your life up by observing these small moments of great beauty we often take  for granted changes how you approach things. Try it. :D Enjoy the small beautiful moments as they are the gift we are all given that many forget to open. 

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