Floaters necklace released on Art Shop and springtime life crumbs...

Not a very creative title just simply what it is ;) More posts to come so keep peeking my groggy bloggy :D

Get your Floater necklace hand painted and signed only 4 made! Available now on my Art Shop!

As of late I have been finishing things up for the upcoming show in NYC as well as enjoying nature as much as I can around me.... If you are on the east coast a couple of weeks ago there was an amazing day where the cloud patterns just looked like an alien planet, people were coming out of the local shops and stopping in their tracks at how wild the sky looked... as if the aliens were about to land ;)
Here is a picture I snapped of those lovely clouds that swirled all pretty like marshmallow dunes in the sky.

Also I observed as best I could with my solar shield glasses Venus in Transit which will not happen again till about 2117 I believe. Basically not in our life times. I wish I had a fancy camera to actually document the sun as I saw it. All I have is my face looking at it and my star map program screen shot to commemorate the experience.

Oh my I am also super happy to say my sweet baby sister had a cute little cupcake cheek baby!!!
Lady Adelaide! Welcome to the world sweet little niece! <3 ^___^

Happy Solstice tonight I took a nice summer stroll to enjoy the longest day of the year taking in all the wonderful smells of summer blooms! But Hopefully the summer won't be to rough with 100ยบ days! My poor flowers were totally drooped down low sad today!

Ok so some nights when I can't sleep I play around with my iphone and silly apps like I am sure many of you do as well... one night I was playing around with a palm reading app and well LET'S HOPE this one is on the money ;)

Ok well that was a bit of a ramble so it's back to work for me...I have to take care of some things in the studio lots of errands as well as art delivery coming soon! That means I get to drive my silly tiny car and see how much I can pack into it! Scion really needs to sponsor me ;) I can blog about all my art journeys and trips around on how much you can totally fit in that IQ... hint hint sponsorship ;) 

Well I will end this post with a red light self portrait in my car! 

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