I fell off the face of my blog for a bit...

Random Excuses for my absence:
It has been quite a while since I shared a post update on here. I really did fall off the face of my blog. I was taken over by other projects that demanded my attention. Let me explain a bit what happened, first off I had been busy designing myself my all new website which took a bit of schooling and refreshing my Dreamweaver skills on top of then launching my all new website back in August which pretty much took all my time up. If you missed the promotions I did on announcing this launch please go visit and see all the new sections (photo,writings, video) and way more art added as well as lovely image viewing galleries! It's exciting to see it come to fruition. This lets me breathe a sigh of relief. YAY it's done! But I set it up so it can grow and new stuff will pop up to surprise and engage constantly so PLEASE bookmark, share and visit often! Thank you ALWAYS for your support of my visions over these years!
Angie Mason Official Art Site V.5.0

Random Life Bits: Life in general has also been stressful and hectic hijacking and taking over my time forcing me to focus a large chunk of my time on securing jobs and keeping my financial self in balance. As I am sure you are all too aware of this economic down turn we have been in. I know for so many of us it has been a struggle to say the least in these current trying times. For me personally, it was a very difficult and at times dark 2 almost 3 years worth of struggle. Hopefully now things are balancing out, seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and I can begin to refocus my energies better in more creative directions which I have mapped out and YAY I have begun them! That is a secret though soon to be revealed to you all as I have mentioned and promised before. This project will directly involve YOU!
The beautiful place I feel lucky to be going to every weekday recently for my "day job" so much beauty and nature it always leaves a big smile on my face!
I got held back in my schedule for it but have picked up the pieces of time, restructured them and have the project all back up and running! It's going to be another exciting fun experience with my art that I really hope you all choose to participate in when the time comes! Stay tuned! In the mean time I am drawing drawing drawing mapping things out precisely and will announce the arrival of this special project which I will call PROJECT 30 for now.
A page out of a recent sketch book of mine.
Other Random Art Show and Press Bits:
I have some art shows coming up which I will make a separate post for so this one is not too long.
My Plastic Heart in NYC, Indianapolis Contemporary Museum of Art and The Shore Institute for Contemporary Art in New Jersey will be some of the upcoming places I will be showcasing my art! Currently I am not only working on my special PROJECT 30 but also trying to finish some interviews which will be published in some cool art mags... more on that once I finish them ;) Cool news also on some book projects I am a part of coming soon!

Other Random Life Bits:
The weather has been pretty bad over on the East Coast, over in North Jersey with Irene we had a lot of issues with flooding. I feel lucky that ONLY my basement flooded and we only lost some rugs and minor property. So sorry to all those friends and others who lost their entire homes to the crazy flooding going on in these parts.
After the storm... 8.28.11 Ominous storm clouds hang around.
Hurricane Irene moving away from us. 8.28.11
After the storm... 8.28.11 People were flying kites at the local park
A beautiful sunset after the storm passed, at a local park people were out flying kites in the windy evening skies.
During all this bad weather I have been spending time home again LUCKILY with electricity (only lost power for short bursts of time during the actual storm). So with all this time I got to spend plenty of time making yummy snacks in my kitchen!
I like to make home made pizza BUT only half a pie which I call smiles :D because they not only look like a smile they make me smile too with how good they taste!
Yes it's true I ate plenty of delicious home cooked food... in fact let me share this incredible tasty dish my friend introduced me to.
Creamy Avocado Pasta
1 medium size avocado, pitted
1/2 lemon, juiced and lemon zest for garnish (optional)
2-3 cloves garlic
... 1/2 tsp salt, or to taste
1/4 cup Fresh basil
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 box pasta

1) bring water to a bowl for pasta.

2) while water is boiling place garlic,
olive oil and lemon juice in a food processor
and process until smooth.
Now add the avocado, basil and salt.
Process until smooth and creamy.

3) when pasta is done being cooked, al dente,
drain and then pour sauce in and mix thoroughly.
Garnish with lemon zest and serve immediately.

This dish is good hot or cold.
I do not use lemon zest as a garnish
but parm cheese instead and add a little more garlic. ENJOY! :D

Other Random Photo Bits: Recently I took some photos then uploaded them on my computer then rephotographed on my computer screen then reuploaded and took more shots and on and on... here is a series of a degeneration of a self portrait reality. I always love taking photos of photos a reality twice removed and on and on. I love seeing how things shift, it's so meditative seeing all the vibrating lines of color and pixels warp into another reality.
Once removed from reality - 1st shot

Twice removed from reality - 2nd shot
3 times removed from reality - 3rd shot
4 times removed from reality - 4th shot
5 times removed from reality 5th shot

6 times removed from reality : Into the abyss - 6th shot
O.K., well I am going to get back to drawing right now and I will be blogging again soon with more details on shows, new art, projects, life bits and nonsense! XOXO

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