Sparking a light within...

I hope you all see fireworks not only for the holiday weekend but in your lives! May the light of dreams explode and rain down on all of us! XOXO!


This entire week I have had my head in a nostalgic place listening to old songs and looking at pictures. Some how it's helping move forward with some creative projects and it's also nice to look back and take life in. So many changes so many turns and twists. I was visiting with a dear friend the other day talking about lost friendships and saying how people you think that will always be there won't it's not how life works. Enjoy the time you have w/ friends as people shift change & fade. Nothing is solid,life is fluid and flows in so many crazy directions. I also don't think we can waste time feeling broken up about a person who no longer wants to be in your life. Move past and look forward and recognize all the beauty and love that surrounds you at any given moment. It's always changing like the sea the waves and tides of friendships shift as we all change and grow. Hopefully it's nice to grow together but we don't always. It's a hard loss one that takes time to sort and that's o.k. Allow yourself time to grieve it's not a death of a person but it's a loss all the same. It's not always easy but love surrounds all of us as long as you remain open to life it's there in front of you waiting to be found. Lost friendships are not always easy to move past but eventually you do and can. Take a positive angle and focus on the nice memories you shared and if they no longer want to participate in sharing life together that is sad but don't linger in that part too long. Keep focus on the good times take away all the positive things you got from that experience. After all life is really just a series of experiences piled on top of each other a collection of memories create our lives. Focus on the positive ones and let those push you into the next place you will be and hopefully it will be one full of light and love. Here is to healing any hurt wounds from lost friendships we all go through this in life and it's not often discussed I suppose because it's not an easy thing to talk about for many. I am just trying this out myself to ponder it and let my healing continue. I have been so much better and keep growing brighter every day. Moving toward the light is a slow and steady process but I am on the path. 

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