Painting Progress & Process of 'The Pendulum Plague & Vortex of Life'

Currently I am dealing with time really dealing with the fears, pressures and demands of it's ever ticking presence in our lives. It can weigh one down at times holding one back from getting what needs to get done... it's like it can get you paralyzed and rooted down unable to move freely if you think about it too much. This fear of time and not getting enough done is now being channeled into a painting. A painting meditating on my fears of time and it's limits and my own limits and the wonder of connection of life all having it's cycles which is beautiful but also at times can make one feel stuck...Mechanisms tick tock until you stop and you are done to be dust that seeps into the earth, the universe,absorbing into the ever continuing spinning vortex of life cycles.... Yeah so that is what's up :) So Below is the progress I have mapped so far in this visual journey that I thought I would share with you.
It came from thoughts and dreams and then I write and draw out rough visual maps to help navigate my visual journey.
I begin expanding my canvas universe by laying in a background and some of my main characters.
Here's a closer look...
Time unfolds for me in many layers from the central clock queen and death bird to the cycle and vortex spirals forming in the sky.
And here is a closer look again as it grows some more.
So time goes by and this painting grows bit by bit more stars are born others die. It's growing and I will share more when it's reached it's peak and let you peek it  :) DEAL? DEAL!
Moving closer toward the end.
And Here is a shot I took one night while star gazing up in the mountains. :) Makes you feel so small on our pale blue dot that we call home seeing a sky so vast.
And yet another photo I took while star gazing :)
Well would you look at the TIME back to painting for me.
Sweet Dreams, Angie

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