Summer time rolls..

The golden hot sun turns skies red with it's summer grand finale.. We have made it to September. I really love the transition of summer to fall seeing my garden slowly wither it just reminds me of my time and how I too am withering but in all stages of life there is great beauty. I feel like so much of the media really strays away from that idea always focusing on youth and being "perfect". I really always was so disgusted by the notion of a homogenized beauty. It's in my opinion the scars, the quirks and bumps we all have in our different ways that make us interesting and not so cookie cutter. I don't have a real point here writing I just felt like documenting some things I have been up to... I am just dumping my memory jar out and taking a look through or maybe I am putting them in the jar since this is a place I collect my thoughts. Ok So most of the pictures here were taken with my phone so not the best quality but they are moments captured in time that were magical for one reason or another and so I share with you because sharing is fun and if you follow this blog you might have an inkling of curiosity and interest in them. So without further adieu onto the photo snap memories....

The circus flowers in my garden prepare for their final performance of summer. :)

Some treats from my old record collection x___X I have been on a record playing kick this summer
my Pop and I have been cooking a lot this summer here we are making  home-made sofrito while listening to old new wave records on the recently hooked up record player! Smells so good sounds great!
Me being super happy being over an AMAZING water fall in Northern N.J.
I can't believe anyone who would say N.J. is ugly they clearly have not really explored this state! It's FULL of beauty!
The power and beauty of the Great Falls!
I keep finding butterfly wings all over my garden! I am starting to gather quite a collection. Poor little lovelies. This summer I have seen the most butterflies and fireflies but on the down side of things I have a bunch of wasps who decided to make a home right next to my house near my garden sitting area so I end up running out of my garden way too often. Oh and While I am on animals... I recently rescued a super cute opossum from a recycling barrel he got stuck in... he couldn't get out so I helped him and he was so cute running out of the barrel in the sun light looking totally confused and all the while there were like 3 humming birds flying like mad around the Lucifer blooms! I have been feeling more and more like snow white this summer!
Always in my sketchbook/journals! here is some late night before bed doodling going on and you can see I am keeping some fine company! ^____^ He's my shadow!
 Ahhhh yes so summer is winding down the deep heated days are coming to a close as well as the weeds running rampant. I have been having visions of pulling weeds in my head as a meditation for clearing my minds path up a bit since in real life I spent a great deal of time doing just that. It's a good meditation on life... pulling my symbolic weeds from my minds garden clearing thoughts for better progress... I get clumped up with weeds after a while of just living like we all do. Clearing paths to continue down them just helps get my brain working better. Visions get clouded and choked sometimes by those thought weeds that take up space. So in my real garden things are cleared and I am hoping I have done the same for my brain to begin some new paintings for upcoming shows... I have been hanging out in my sketchbooks a ton just having ye olde brain spills.... I love the freedom of a journal/sketchbook there is no pressure it's an uninhibited creative sacred place that is such a haven for new ideas to show up. Words pictures scratches nonsense color patterns doodle splotches it a free for all with mark making in my books. It's really like my therapy sessions. And now I leave you with a song to get you in the mood for autumn! With the coming storm and the sound of my wind chimes out side rattling along with the gusts of wind I can feel fall sneaking up and this song totally gets me in the mood for some crazy windy fall days filled with beauty color and death! Soo dreamy!


EJ said...

Is that your backyard?! What magnificent views of NJ indeed! Summer time is the best time to hang things in the house like wind chimes

Angie Mason said...

The flowers are in my back yard and the butterfly wing not the waterfalls I wish that were my back yard ^___^