Brief moments of infinite wonder...

Driving back into New York City out of Brooklyn whether it's by way of the Brooklyn Bridge or the Manhattan Bridge during the night there is a magical moment that happens for me. It's silent and peaceful and full of wonder. It's that moment when you are approaching the jewel box city all lit up and dazzling majestic just for you and you feel small like a tiny gem amongst giants.

The lushness of this concrete glowing forest surrounds every side of me making me feel overwhelmed by it's grandeur yet I am above it all. I am above the grit and grime of the streets in the silence of my own cars hum. It's that moment where anything feels possible. Above the world, above the black shimmering water below and the buildings glow. Above the sadness and cracked flawed streets. The world feels beautiful and perfect and you feel like anything is possible. That amazing feeling of infiniteness as I get swallowed up into this beauty.

Only in the night do I feel this level of magic. Only in the night do I feel this amount of brilliance of possibilities for in that brief moment truly I am amazed at how lovely the world can be and how a place normally so cold and harsh can fill my heart with warmth and beauty. That brief moment so full of power linger in me please linger in me and let me get to the next place I need to be. Linger infinite wonder,linger strength and beauty continue to see the world in a positive way. The lights they glow for just me it seems for a moment to be so. It welcomes me into its arms and I get swallowed up as I drive off of the bridge into the lights.

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