Life bits and Art Crumbs to nibble on

Cooling air is settling in soon the frost will come then it's lights out for the last remains of summer and creaky old bones kick in with the slow sluggish movements making time feel slower.
And here I find myself working on doing the last bits before the November show as well as taking in some good haunts, carnivals, fall drives into the mountains and art shows always art shows about.

Here are some I have not mentioned on here. First up this weekend on the east coast in Hoboken N.J. please join me for:

29th Annual Hoboken Artist Studio Tour featuring the artists from Orbit Gallery Space
DATE: Sunday October 18th 2009 TIME:12 noon - 6pm LOCATION: The Monroe Center 720 Monroe Street Hoboken, NJ

This FREE special event includes a sampling from Harry Saylor's new book "EdgyCute" with artwork available for sale as well as the book! Please call for any info on the book availability, this event and inquiries on the artwork included. The special indoor event includes Music, Fun and Art! Please call with any questions at 201.854.8600

Then November 6th in Berlin,Germany an amazing exhibit/project where I was paired with the musician Adrian Stout of the Tiger Lillies who has made original music based off one of my artworks. Very very exciting! :)

Communication occurs when sources take turns
transmitting messages between one another

Place : Neurotitan Galerie im Haus Schwarzenberg Rosenthalerstraße 39 10178 Berlin
Tel: +49(0)30.308 725 76 Fax: +49(0)30.282 90 33
Opening Times: Mon - Sat: 12 - 20h: Sun: 14 -19h
Vernissage: 6th November 2009, 19:00
Exhibition Duration: 7th until 28th November 2009

An Exhibition With Works From:

Laurie Lipton London www.laurielipton.com

Tina Winkhaus Berlin www.fortina.de

Angie Mason New Jersey www.angiemason.com

Petra Wende Munich www.paw-art.de

Claudia Drake Missouri www.claudiadrake.com

Kai Teichert Berlin www.kunstfueralle.de/kt/kt.htm

Danielle de Picciotto Berlin www.danielledepicciotto.com

With Musical Interpretations From:

Marta Collica Italy www.myspace.com/martacollica

FM Einheit Munich www.fmeinheit.org

Algis Kizys NYC en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algis_Kizys

Mick Harvey Australia www.mickharvey.com

Adrian Stout UK www.myspace.com/adrianstout

Jacob Kirkegaard Denmark www.fonik.dk

Alexander Hacke Berlin www.hacke.org

The multifaceted American artist based in
Berlin, Danielle de Picciotto has fostered a long
running and wonderful ritual over the years. She
anually curated an exhibition bringing together an eclectic
mix of artists from different backgrounds, inviting them to
traverse the limits of their main disciplines and thus
yielding provocative r esults. This year, between the 6th
and 28th of November, she will be exploring the dialogue
between music and Pop Surrealism, a young art form
gaining recognition around Europe after having large
success in America over the last decade.

Danielle has invited six influential artists from around the
world to exhibit together with her in the Haus
Schwarzenberg, a renowned Berlin cultural institution. In
addition, she has asked seven distinguished musicians to
interpret the work of each artist respectively and create a
“soundtrack” to a select image. These interpretations will
then be presented over headphones adjacent to the
corresponding picture. As the artists and musicians had
no contact during the process, the interaction takes place
between the music and the artwork as a form of

After the Vernissage, a onetime concert with Alexander
Hacke, FM Einheit and Algis Kizys will take placing during
the after show party at the Eschschloraque Rümschrümp
with Tina Winkaus and Hugo Schneider DJing.

So with the 2 person show coming up and all these great side shows there are some pretty neat things going on which I am so happy to know the people I do who not only believe in me and my work but are kind enough to have be a part of such wonderful projects and shows! Big hugs to all you wonderful people you all should know who you are!

Some nights while working on artwork I take breaks to work on more stuff in my journal which you see some in this desk shot. It gets quite messy when I am working... I swear the rest of my house is not this kind of messy ;) actually I am probably pretty anal about things being in their place... I guess chalk that up to being a visual person things have to look a certain way or else it makes me a tad bit nutty like say pillows not being in the particular arrangement I think they should be in... I just like when things look put together. But my studio well that is another world where things get all sorts of hay-wired. Back to my mess I go to work on framing and other secret projects you will soon get to see!

And to end this entry how about a crayon drawing of this tough guy heart who is joining up with the RunAway Heart Gang! You better watch your back!!!

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