Sneaky Peeks of treats to come!!!!

Currently I am finishing up a whole new batch of paintings for 'Tragically Delicious' my upcoming 2 person show at Parlor Gallery this November 14th with the wonderfully talented Kristen Ferrell! YAY!

So above you see a photo of a corner of my studio... where I have a picture of only ONE of the many new works for this show ...I went a bit nuts with the water marks in this photo since I just after all these years using photoshop discovered how to make my art work and name logo into a brush/stamp so not only was I watermarking the image but honestly I was just having fun. this particular painting I just started but I am in love already and felt I wanted to share a bit to get you hopefully excited for the rest of the work which I am very proud of and CAN'T wait to share with everyone. This particular painting is called 'When Giving Leaves You Empty' its an oil on board custom cut to size for an amazing special antique frame I found in the garbage... well my Father-in-law junk man extraordinaire found it for me he is the best! So painting painting painting varnishing varnishing framing framing framing it is all I am doing these days it seems. In between watching amazing storms and sunsets! Tonight the sunset is brought to you by the letter S for stunning! What I have to say about the beauty of todays sunset:

Sun you die such a beautiful death today as you set down in golden fire reds and pinks shimmering hot, wrapping your light around branches and meeting wet pavements reflection...The world seems full of magic in your glow.

Northern New Jersey  August sun set


In between all the making of art work I am managing to squeeze in some good times with friends and family. From summer rooftop bbqs in NYC to seeing the amazing Francis Bacon Show at the Met which already ended so I hope you were able to see it when it was up! During all these uncertain times as the world seems to unravel, I am really working on staying centered and focused on the positive stuff especially since we are bombarded by so much negativity on a daily basis. It can be quite overwhelming at moments. But the beauty of the world is strong and is every where look I promise you will see it.

So I have some art shows coming up in September one in Italy and one in Washington D.C.
Click on the flyer for the MF Gallery Genova Italy show and at Art Whino Gallery in Washington D.C. I will take part in the group show Life Essentials opening Sept. 26 check their site for more details. :)

It's 2 am here I should really either go paint or go dream I think I will try for the latter.
Sweet Dreams!

p.s. if you didn't know I finally updated my website with artwork from 2008-2009 so go feast your eyes on that to get your fill before November!

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ZSL said...

at first I was like "that things teeth look like candy" and then I realized "OH SNAP THAT THING IS A CANDY DISPENSER OH GOD"