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Tragically Delicious
A Recipe For Disaster:
2 lbs. of love
A smidgeon of hate
1 cup of sorrow
mix well with finely chopped bitter sweets
Stir till all the belly fly fishes gurgle just right
Bake well till the edges are burnt out on living
and in the end you will have a fresh batch
of all new works from Angie Mason
Eye Candy Coming soon for hungry eyes everywhere!

Sugar coated sweetness to make the pain taste better.
Gloss over the dullness drink up the frothy creaminess
of pretending and making it all go away.

Enjoy the belly of the beast with fry belly goddesses
and dipped strawberry girls hiding any imperfections
with glazed over looks of failed perfection.

Cracked candy lollipop hearts broken sour suckers.
Ice Cream Queens Drip melting messes of time passing them by.
Stressed Desserts Deserted stone cold
beauties rot. The new collection of work has been cooked up over an
open heart stove of longing and memories... dreams and mysteries.
Ponder drips magic of light and dark drizzled over with humor
and served with a slice of sadness.

It's Suspicious, pernicious and Tragically Delicious.
A new collection of works brought to you by Angie Mason.

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