Time keeps flying and this is my first new years post...

Took an amazing trip to Italy saw the country and went to the
MF Genova Gallery Opening...
here is a snippet that was in the Genova City Paper the day after the opening....

If you care to see my photos of the entire journey go here: Italy January 2009 Photo Set
Also check out more show pictures at MF GALLERY officical site :)

Now coming up in Berlin I have this here painting below 'You Make Me Vomit'
©Angie Mason 2009 on display at Strychnin Gallery.
Some other stuff.... I am taking part in the Whaless group show coming this March to Berlin and besides that well I have more group shows coming up in NJ,Berlin Germany, NYC, the MidWest and as I think of more I will update this...
There is some other secret stuff I won't mention yet :) but if all goes well it will make you happy.

Also on a sad note Crybaby Gallery has shut it doors that is where myself and Kristen Ferrell were to have our 2 person show. I wish the Crybaby Gallery Girls the best as they were such a wonderful presence down in Asbury Park NJ and I hope for new projects and gallery venues to emmerge in the future for them. As for this 2 person show well it is still going forward being planned just stayed tuned for gallery venue official announcement. Just figuring it all out. But I have to say I am really really excited by the paintings I have been working on for this my new collection of 'TragicallyDelicious'Angie Mason works will make your teeth hurt sooo goood!!! The statement for that collection will be posted soon... :) Here is a tease though....For this collection expect a range of paintings quite large to teeny tiny, drawings, sculptures, jewelery and possibly some other wearable art and maybe even edible art if the baking goes well for the opening... :)

I am keeping my head up during all the turmoil the entire world is going through... I see good things have come with our new president taking office....so lets keep pushing forward I say just be and do and make it happen... No matter what barricades or obstacles faced... I have had plenty of obstacles my entire life trying to sabotage me into not making art but I never let that stop me because it's what I want so 'Eff all you obstcles I ain't gonna let you stop the visions,work and progress. Happy new year... keep your chin's up and fists strong fight the good fight.

"You Make Me Vomit" ©Angie Mason 2009

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