Things get built as I get broken
I get broken as things get built
Falling crumbling inner workings
Slowly halting all my progress
Move past fast zip by me
I'm too broken up to care
I collapse like old buildings
As You stand so tall newly there.

-Angie Mason (taken from one of the many sketchbooks/journals I keep)

Highschool Art Camp Days.... :)  oh wait I mean Summer Art Institute Days now I sound official

*This is a nostalgic bit of me... 17 artcamp circa 1990 in the painting studio with one of my old paintings!
DISTORTIONISM was my teenage art movement... its shifted a bit but still pops up for me... now its more like HUMANISM ... i need to write a manifesto presto voila one day i will but first I need to eat some Pesto!

Side Note: I Shipped a huge chunk of the art for my show on Monday! Hooray! Now lets hope it makes it there....To celebrate it being sent I painted the wall in my studio aubergine! Such a rich color which will inspire many new works for the future or not we shall see. I have as I always do document things with movie clips so I am thinking I might have to make another docu mini for this solo show ^___^ My main focus now is in the details of how I want the show to look and merch and press stuff... so I hope I can get it all done. MY trip is booked I am going south and so happy to see Georgia for the first time while I have a solo show there and I just got word some friends are flying down for the show!!!! THEY GET MEGA GOLD STARS MADE OF CUPCAKES!!!! Not sure if you are reading this but you rule the school you guys! OH and if you have one of them facebook accounts I set up a fan site on there which sounds silly I know but I love fans and you especially who ever you are! NO REALLY YOU ARE SPECIAL!!!! REALLY! I MEAN IT! so yeah be a fan go here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Angie-Mason/22391992117

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