Some Info for the curious..... and sneak peeks for the nosey noodles in all of us...

Above is a press page with lots of the info on the show and me for you ^___^
and now a sneak peak at something else that is super fun I have been doing... some jewelery based off of one of the paintings in my new show... Called 'All Dreams Ain't Winners' soo with that I give you part of my 'All Dreams Ain't Winners' Collection ^___^

All Dreams Ain't Winners Collection -©Angie Mason 2008

All Dreams Ain't Winners Collection -©Angie Mason 2008

And for kicks..... here is a shot of part of my studio ^___^ I painted one of the big walls which you only see part of it but you get the idea and the idea is that I painted it aubergine right after I shipped out my show to Atlanta I thought it would be fun to change things up with color...super rich lush color!

Part Of my studio

And then more fun was had this past weekend when I visited Ringing Rock Park in Pennsylvania and of course I brought my hammer along to hit on these magical rocks that sound like bells... have a listen with the movie I took below... now mind you hitting a rock with a hammer and filming a movie is not the easiest thing in the world so with that said it ain't the best video but you will get the idea and want to go there yourself I am sure! It's late and I should try to force myself to sleep and get on a decent sleep schedule instead of all this nonsense I do to myself of staying up way too late. Sooo till next time... Sweet dreams!

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